Jux-A-Cisor Arm Exerciser

Jux-A-Cisor Arm Exerciser

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  • A wire tree with 25 bends in 152cm of wire
  • Position the wrist, elbow and shoulder properly to slide the disc from one end to the other
  • Exercise can be timed and forearm weights in other variations
  • Increase range of motion in fingers, hand, elbow and shoulder
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In stock now

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The Jux-A-Cisor Arm Exerciser is a wire tree with 25 bends in 152cm of wire.  Position the wrist, elbow and shoulder properly to get the plastic disc to slide from one end to the other. Exercise can be timed, and forearm weights in other variations added for maximum benefit. 

Who Can Make Gains with the Jux-A-Cisor Arm Exerciser?

For those recovering from major arm or joint injury, one of the most crucial stages to recovery is restoring full or functional range of motion in the injured area. With this arm exerciser, you can mobilise your fingers, hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder by moving them appropriately to advance the disc along the wire. Improve your visual and motor control, and limb mobility, with the Jux-A-Cisor Arm exerciser.

Features and Benefits of the Jux-A-Cisor Arm Exerciser

  • Provide effective therapy to your arm, elbow, shoulders or fingers
  • Increase range of motion and mobility
  • Move arm to advance the plastic disc along the wire
  • Use to exercise entire upper extremity or isolate joints
  • Made with plastic coated steel wire
  • Grip is thick and padded for easier grasp
  • Wire tree with 25 bends in 152cm of wire
  • Combine with weights and timing for most benefit
  • 30cm tall
  • Latex free for reduced irritation


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