Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant (Box of 5)
 Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant (Box of 5)Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant (Box of 5) 

Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant (Box of 5)

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  • Skin protection from moisture, friction, maceration and more
  • Ideal for runners - no more skin tears, blisters or chafing
  • Robust, flexible and long-lasting for extended comfort
  • Comes in a box of 5 x 5ml single-use tubes
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The Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant provides lasting protection from friction and moisture. If you've ever done much long-distance running, you'll know some of the side-effects that can go with it. Skin tears, chafing and soreness can turn an already difficult activity into something unbearable. Trying to run with this discomfort can really affect your performance, and slower times are never a good thing. Maybe you've suffered a wound, and need to maintain the integrity of the skin surface to prevent it breaking.

The Marathon Skin Protectant is a versatile product that can be used in a variety of situations, whether you are going for your first run in years or you're preparing to run an ultramarathon across a desert. Designed to protect skin, either intact or damaged, from breakdown, it reduces the risk of skin tears and creates a strong physical barrier against abrasive forces, keeping you free of pain and discomfort.

Who Can Make Gains with the Marathon Skin Protectant?

While this product is ideal for wounds, stomas, incontinence and more, it also has a great practical application in terms of sporting activity. Friction and moisture are unfortunately common side effects of endurance activity such as running. Torn skin, blisters, chafing of the legs and even the nipples can ruin your race and make it a battle to even cross the finish line, much less perform at your peak and post a good time. 

Marathon reacts with the moisture and skin surface to produce a strong film, that is thicker and more durable than other similar products on the market. It will stay on the skin until the dead cells shed off naturally. Just rub it on to the affected area and say hello to a comfortable, pain-free experience.

Features and Benefits of the Liquid Skin Protectant

  • Protects the skin from the effects of friction or moisture
  • Ideal for endurance runners (minimises effects of chafing/bodily fluids)
  • Can be used on intact or damaged skin
  • Robust, flexible and long-lasting for extended protection 
  • Don't use on 2nd/3rd degree burns, infected areas or deep, open or bleeding wounds
  • Change frequency is three days, re-apply as necessary 
  • Comes in a box of 5 x 5ml tubes, or a case of 25

How to Use the Marathon Skin Protectant

1. Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant is contained in a single-use sterile applicator. Each 0.5ml applicator can cover a 4” x 4” area.
2. The product should be applied in a very thin layer, without covering the site more than once. Less means more.
3. Can be used when the epidermis is broken or damaged. However, it should not be applied directly to deep, open, chronic or bleeding wounds.
4. It adheres to the skin and dries in less than a minute.
5. It can remain on the skin for several days. It will wear off naturally as the skin regenerates. 

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