McDavid Athletic Eurotape

McDavid Athletic Eurotape

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  • Lightweight athletic tape
  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Supports joints and tendons
  • Available in three different sizes
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In stock now

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After injury, there is no more versatile treatment option than athletic tape, as it can be applied to any area in a variety of different ways. McDavid Athletic Eurotape is completely white and comes in three different sizes, allowing you to choose the size of tape depending on your needs and area of injury. This compressive adhesive support is made of 100% cotton and is supplied on a plastic cone and with serrated edges.

Who Can Make Gains with McDavid Athletic Eurotape?

Many supports and braces are available in few sizes, meaning that many people may not be able to find a support that's the correct size for their needs. This tape eliminates that problem, as it can be wrapped around the injured area as many times as is needed, making it ideal for providing bespoke compression and support. To ensure there is enough tape for multiple applications to any injury site, it is supplied in 10 metre rolls.

McDavid Eurotape Sizing

Size  Measurements (WxL)
2.5cm  2.5cm x 10m
3.8cm  3.8cm x 10m
5cm  5cm x 10m

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