McDavid HexPad Power Shooter Arm Sleeve
McDavid HexPad Power Shooter Arm SleeveMcDavid HexPad Power Shooter Arm SleeveMcDavid HexPad Power Shooter Arm SleeveMcDavid HexPad Power Shooter Arm Sleeve

McDavid HexPad Power Shooter Arm Sleeve

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  • Features 10cm Hexpad elbow padding
  • Keeps arm muscles warm and active
  • Made with unisex and universal sizing
  • Features hDc moisture management technology
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In stock now

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In sports where every little bit of accuracy counts, it's worth getting the best gear to get the edge on your competition. The McDavid Hexpad Power Shooter Arm Sleeve is a one-piece compression sleeve with a unisex design and a universal fit, able to comfortably accommodate arms up to 44cm long. The 10cm wide Hexpad structure on the elbow protects this important and delicate joint from any impacts suffered during the game or training.

The unique features of this padding will conform to the movement of the arm, so that it improves performance without any detriments to movement. The McDavid Hexpad Power Shooter Arm Sleeve is available in black, white, scarlet and royal blue.

Who Can Make Gains with the McDavid Hexpad Power Shooter Arm Sleeve?

Engineered for comfort from the mid-arm to the wrist, the Hexpad Power Shooter employs hDc Technology to help control heat and sweat levels. Likewise, the pressure function encourages circulation through the arm and keeps muscular structures warm and active, providing a faster, more powerful and precise shoot.

How Does Hexpad and hDC Technology Work?

McDavid's patented Hexpad technology consists of hexagonal cut-outs of a shock-absorbing athletic foam adhered to the textile of the sports apparel. This allows for a lightweight and flexible garment that is very effective in providing protection against impacts.

All McDavid Hexpad garments employ hDc technology. This makes moisture spread widely throughout the synthetic textiles allowing it to evaporate quicker. This feature enables the athlete to control their body temperature better, saving valuable energy in the process.

Cooling Comfort

The unique design of Hexpad allows for air to circulate amongst the protective hexagonal units. This allows for the garment to breathe and the athlete to cool off. Hexpad apparel provides a unique combination of light comfortable protection, which enhances the confidence and performance of the athletes who wear it, making the game more enjoyable for everyone.

 Sizing Guide

To determine which size is right for you, measure the circumference around the centre of your elbow joint.

Size Elbow Circumference (cm)
Small 20 - 25cm
Medium 25 - 28cm
Large 28 - 30cm

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