McDavid Regular Ice Bag Wrap

McDavid Regular Ice Bag Wrap

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  • Thermal neoprene wrap
  • Measures 23cm in diameter
  • Fully adjustable strapping
  • For relief of most body parts
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In stock now

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After injury, athletes need a reliable source of cold therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation in ailing joints and muscles. The McDavid Regular Ice Bag Wrap is a thermal neoprene wrap with a 23cm diameter ice bag, providing highly versatile cold therapy to almost any area of the body.

Who Can Make Gains with the McDavid Regular Ice Bag Wrap?

Most athletes will know the benefit ice therapy can have to their injured joints and muscles. It can relieve pain and swelling, and kick start the healing process. This Ice Bag Wrap provides an ideal way to apply this therapy, as it can be wrapped around most areas of the body for both cold therapy and compression.

Adjustable Compression

The McDavid Regular Ice Bag Wrap incorporates a Velcro closure for infinite adjustability and graduated compression. This feature means that this ice bag combines the two most important post-injury treatments: cold therapy and compression.

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