McDavid Underwrap

McDavid Underwrap

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  • Pre-taping foam underwrap
  • Professional quality wrap
  • Protects the skin from pain
  • Avoids irritations caused by taping
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In stock now

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Taping an injured area is a great way to provide support and compression to joints, tendons and muscles, but if tape is placed directly on skin it can be extremely painful when the time comes for removal. The McDavid Underwrap is a pre-taping polyurethane foam, suitable for use by both amateurs and professionals. It is used to protect the skin prior to taping, and helps to boost the efficacy of the taping process.

The McDavid Underwrap is beige and is supplied in one universal size measuring 7cm x 27m. This size is designed to be suitable for the taping of virtually any injury and area of the body.

Who Can Make Gains with the McDavid Underwrap?

Most athletes will know the uncomfortable feeling of having athletic tape ripped from their skin after a session of activity. Physiotherapists and trainers have devised a way to avoid this feeling with the use of underwrap. The McDavid Underwrap will allow for supportive and compressive taping, while sparing the patient pain or damage to skin during the removal process.

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