More Mile 3/4 Men's Cycle Tights

More Mile 3/4 Men's Cycle Tights

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  • Simple yet effective tights for optimal comfort and performance
  • Keeps you and your muscles warm, to reduce the chances of injury
  • CoolMax Padded Seat for a more comfortable ride
  • Elasticated waist and a rubber hem to prevent rising
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In stock now

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The More Mile 3/4 Men's Cycle Tights are perfectly designed to help improve performance on your bike. If you do a lot of cycling, you'll know that you need to properly care for your legs, especially in colder conditions. If you cycle in the cold without wearing the appropriate clothing this can have a negative impact on your performance and ultimately cost you in terms of your final time. Cold muscles are also more prone to injury, which can put you out of action completely.

The More Mile Cycle Tights ensure that your muscles will be warm and comfortable even in the coldest weather, allowing you to focus on beating your personal best, rather than battling the cold.

Who Can Make Gains with the Men's Cycle Tights?

The 3/4 Cycle Tights are ideal for anyone who wants a warm and comfortable experience and doesn't want the temperature to be on their mind, affecting their performance during a bike ride. Both comfort and performance are integral parts of these tights, which come in a 3/4 length to provide equal parts warmth, breathability and flexibility. 

In colder conditions keeping your muscles warm is of great importance, as colder muscles are more prone to injury, and the More Mile Cycle Tights do the job perfectly. With a CoolMax padded seat built into them, you can be sure that your ride will be perfectly comfortable every time.

Features and Benefits of the More Mile Cycle Tights

  • Simple yet effective cycle tights to help you on your ride
  • Keeps you warm in cold conditions and helps to reduce the chance of muscle injuries
  • CoolMax padded seat for a perfectly comfortable ride
  • Breathable material ensures you're cool and comfortable during exercise
  • 3/4 Length for a comfortable fit that doesn't overheat
  • Comfortable elasticated waist with a rubber hem to prevent rising
  • Comes in sizes from Small to Extra Large, in a black colour

Sizing of the More Tech Men's Cycle Tights

The Men's Cycle tights come in a selection of sizes from Small to Extra Large, based on waist size. Please consult the table below to see which size is best for you:

Size Waist Size (Inches)
Extra Small 28 - 30"
Small 30 - 32"
Medium 32 - 34"
Large 34 - 36"
Extra Large 38 - 40"
XX-Large 40 - 42"

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