Mueller Elastic Ankle Support

Mueller Elastic Ankle Support

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  • Contour design to reduce slippage and bunching
  • Lightweight elastic knit provides firm support
  • Fits comfortably into most shoes styles
  • Allows full range of ankle movement
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In stock now

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Stiff, weak or sore ankles are a common problem for athletes, especially those who perform on their feet like runners, footballers and sprinters. Most supportive gear inhibits your range of motion, which is detrimental to your performance. The Mueller Elastic Ankle Support provides you with firm support yet still allows your ankle a full range of motion.

Features of the Mueller Elastic Ankle Support

  • Lightweight elastic knit provides firm support
  • Allows full range of ankle movement
  • Fits comfortably into most shoe types
  • Custom top weaves helps prevent rolling
  • Reinforced trimmed edges improve durability
  • Ideal for stiff, weak or sore ankles
  • Fits either the right or the left ankle
  • Contour design to reduce slippage and bunching

Who Can Make Gains with the Mueller Elastic Ankle Support?

Mueller's advanced sports supports have aided athletes in sports recovery for over fifty years. Their Ankle Support is ideal for those who are on their feet while they train, such as long distance runners, sprinters and footballers.

Suffering from painful or weak ankles impairs your performance on the field or on the track. If you don't want to let yourself or your team down, Mueller's Ankle Support has been made for you. With its flexible design, the support allows you to maintain your full range of motion.

Highly Durable and Long Lasting

With a reinforced trimmed edged to improve durability and longevity, Mueller's Ankle Support provides a comfortable fit. The support is perfect for recovering from existing injuries and preventing future strain on the ankle.

Sizing of the Ankle Support

The support is available in a number of different sizes and is supplied in black only so you can look stylish as you train.

  Small Medium Large Extra Large
Men's UK Shoe Size UK Size 6.5 - 8.5 UK Size 8.5 - 10.5 UK Size 10.5 - 12.5 UK Size 12.5 - 14.5
Women's UK Shoe Size UK Size 6 - 8 UK Size 8 - 10 UK Size 10 - 12 UK Size 12 - 14

Directions for the Ankle Support

  1. Slip the Elastic Ankle Support onto your foot.
  2. Ensure the support's heel opening is properly aligned with your heel

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