Mueller Max Knee Strap
Mueller Max Knee StrapMueller Max Knee StrapMueller Max Knee Strap
Mueller Max Knee StrapMueller Max Knee Strap

Mueller Max Knee Strap

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  • Lightweight and inconspicuous design - you'll hardly notice it
  • Compression tubes give tendon support and prevent incorrect tracking of the kneecap
  • Breathable mesh fabric for a comfortable user experience
  • Antibacterial treatment to prevent unpleasant odours
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In stock now

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The Mueller Max Knee Strap is a lightweight and comfortable knee support that helps relieve chronic knee pain and is recommended for a host of knee conditions including arthritis, bursitis, chondromalacia, jumper's knee, IT band syndrome, tendinitis and many more.

The upper compression tube targets misalignment of the quadriceps muscles, which helps improve patellar tracking, while a lower compression tube targets the patellar tendon. Side tubes also help with patellar tracking to prevent "slipping" of the knee.

Who Can Make Gains with the Max Knee Strap?

The Max Knee Strap is ideal for a host of knee conditions, or just general pain and stiffness. A breathable mesh fabric in the back of the knee strap ensures that it is a comfortable fit, while antibacterial treatment controls and eliminates the bacteria that cause bad smells, for a more pleasant user experience. 

The knee strap is very lightweight and inconspicuous, so it won't inconvenience you in any way during activity or everyday life, and you won't notice you're wearing it except for the lack of pain you feel.

Caution - This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.If rash develops or pain persists, discontinue use and consult a physician.

Features of the Mueller Max Knee Strap

  • Lightweight design makes for a convenient and comfortable product
  • Suitable for a range of conditions including tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis, IT band syndrome and more
  • Compression tubes around the patella give support to the tendons and prevent incorrect tracking of the kneecap
  • Breathable mesh fabric so you stay cool and comfortable even in warm conditions
  • Antibacterial treatment prevents unpleasant odours, so you can exercise without worrying

Sizing of the MAX Knee Strap

The Mueller MAX Knee Strap comes in a one size fits most model, which is adjustable and should fit the vast majority of people.

Caring for the Max Knee Strap

Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

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