Nathan Sports 1.5L Replacement Bladder

Nathan Sports 1.5L Replacement Bladder

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  • Can contain up to 1.5L of fluid to keep you going for longer
  • Quick-release hoses for convenient cleaning 
  • Combine it with your favourite Nathan race vest for the ultimate in hydration
  • No more scrambling around for your bottle - sip on the go
Available, dispatched within 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched within 1-2 days

£20.99 (inc VAT)
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The Nathan Sports 1.5L Replacement Bladder is a great product for anyone who wants to hydrate easily on the go, and wants a quick and convenient option for refuelling that can fit comfortably in their favourite Nathan race vest. As athletes will know, dehydration is one of the quickest ways to undermine your performance and potentially risk your health. Bladders such as this allow you to carry a good amount of water during your workout, without having to fiddle around with your hands to drink it. The refillable bladder can carry up to one and a half litres of fluid to ensure that you're always performing at an optimum level.

Who Can Make Gains with the Nathan Replacement Bladder?

The replacement bladder is necessary for any long-distance athletes who are serious about their running and their hydration needs, who requires a product that will make their workouts both safer and more efficient. The bladder is easy to clean, and easy to set up in a hydration vest. Don't waste any time scrambling to find your bottle during a race and don't waste any time in buying this product!

Features of the 1.5L Replacement Bladder 

  • Now comes with a quick-release hose for convenient cleaning and faster set-up
  • Fill it and carry it in your favourite Nathan race vest for the ultimate in hydration
  • Perfect for keeping hydrated easily during your workouts

How to Clean Your Nathan Sports Hydration Bladder:

Cleaning the bladder of the hydration pack is recommended after every use, and is simply done, making the bladder very easy to maintain.

  1. Remove and rinse tubing and bite valve 
  2. Turn bladder inside out, rinse, and dry standing up
  3. When ready to reassemble, do everything you did before, except backwards

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