Nathan Sports Grit Hydration Vest
Nathan Sports Grit Hydration VestNathan Sports Grit Hydration VestNathan Sports Grit Hydration Vest

Nathan Sports Grit Hydration Vest

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  • Six litres of total storage capacity
  • Refillable two litre bladder for drinking on the run
  • Lightweight so you'll hardly notice it's there
  • Several easy-access pockets to hold essential items
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The Nathan Sports Grit Hydration Vest is the ultimate hydration choice for long-distance exercise. As athletes will know, dehydration is one of the quickest ways to undermine your performance and potentially risk your health. Hydration systems such as the Grit allow you to carry a good amount of water during your workout, without having to use your hands to drink it.

It is the ultimate in convenience – if you are in a race situation you don't want to waste precious seconds finding your water bottle. The Grit can carry two litres of fluid so you have a good supply with you at all times.

Who Can Make Gains with the Grit Hydration Vest?

The Grit is designed for the male torso, with the Moxy the equivalent women's specific version of this hydration vest. It is ideal for anyone serious about their running and their hydration needs, who requires a product that will make their workouts both more efficient and more safe. The product has six litres of total storage capacity so you can fill it with everything you need such as food, energy gels or the rest of your running gear. 

Hand Wash only - Nathan Sport-Wash recommended.

To clean bladder - Remove and rinse tubing and bite valve. Turn bladder inside out, rinse, and dry standing up. To reassemble, repeat the process, but backwards. 

Features and Benefits of the Nathan Sports Grit

  • 6 Litres of total storage capacity including a 2 Litre bladder so you can hydrate with ease
  • Highly breathable materials ensure maximum comfort during your workout
  • Ultra lightweight, allowing you to exercise without discomfort
  • Slide-adjustable chest strap for a secure, bounce-free ride
  • Several pockets allow you to store a variety of useful items
  • Features reflective trims so you can feel safe running at any time of the day

Sizing of the Grit Hydration Vest

The Grit comes in one size, which is adjustable and should comfortably fit the majority of people.

Weight - 264g

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