Nathan Sports Phantom Pak
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Nathan Sports Phantom Pak

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  • Store your credit cards, ID, smartphone and more
  • Elasticised material allows you to fit more than you think
  • Adjustable and can fit a range of shapes and sizes
  • Available in a choice of colours
Available, dispatched within 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched within 1-2 days

£18.99 (inc VAT)
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The Nathan Sports Phantom Pak is a sleek and compact running pack for those who want the security of having their essentials everywhere they go, but don't want to feel them! Small but mighty, the Phantom Pak may look small and feel convenient to carry, but it can accommodate much larger items than you think thanks to its elasticity. Its pleated, weather-resistant pocket makes sure valuables such as smartphones are kept safe and won't be scratched or damaged no matter how much of a bumpy run or bike ride you're going for, and whatever weather conditions are like.

Who Can Make Gains with the Phantom Pak?

The Phantom Pak is ideally suited to anyone with an active lifestyle who wants the convenience, and sometimes necessity, of storing their valuables in safety and convenience. It features an internal stash pocket which will keep a range of important items safe such as credit cards, ID and money, but it won't weigh you down or inconvenience you at all thanks to its innovative design.

Features and Benefits of the Nathan Sports Phantom Pak

  • Protect your smartphone with the pleated, weather resistant pocket - no scratches!
  • Fully adjustable so it will fit comfortably around the waist of nearly anyone
  • Classic bounce-free design makes sure you won't be inconvenienced during exercise
  • Stretchy and elastic material allows you to fit more in without it being bulky
  • Keep your money, ID, credit cards and more safe while you're working out
  • Available in a choice of colours so you can tailor the product to your own preferences

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