Nathan Sports Trail Lock Laces
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Nathan Sports Trail Lock Laces

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  • No more time spent tying your laces
  • Patented lock and clip system keeps laces secure and tight
  • Quick and easy for a one-time set up
  • Especially effective for trail runs, hiking and casual wear
Available, dispatched within 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched within 1-2 days

£7.99 (inc VAT)
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The Nathan Sports Trail Lock Laces are the world's easiest lacing system, and are elasticised for your convenience, security and speed. Trail Lock Laces are a patented elastic lacing system which provide limited stretch for enhanced stability on trails with a spring activated locking device. Trail Lock Laces are great for running, sports, and casual wear, but are specially adapted to be effective for trail runs and hiking. Whatever sport or exercise you're wanting to do, the lock laces will be suitable, and superior to all other options. They are quick and easy to attach to your shoes and once you have put them on the first time you can forget about having to repeat the process every time you put your shoes on.

Who Can Make Gains with the Nathan Trail Lock Laces?

The Nathan Lock Laces are an ideal choice for anyone active who wants a more convenient, and safe lace. The lock laces won't come undone and cause a potential trip hazard during sport or a run, thanks to their patented lock and clip system that keeps laces secure and tight. Give them a go and wonder how you ever exercised without them!

Features and Benefits of the Trail Lock Laces

  • Patented lock and clip system keeps laces secure and tight
  • Quick and easy to put on for one-time set up
  • Limited stretch gives enhanced stabilisation 
  • Ideal for sports, trail running, hiking and even for casual wear
  • Safer than regular laces - no trip hazard
  • Comes in a choice of four colours so you can personalise your shoes

Attaching Your Nathan Lock Laces

It's easy to attach your Lock Laces and even easier to enjoy their sporting benefits!

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