Neat Feat Spray-On Foot and Heel Balm (125ml)
 Neat Feat Spray-On Foot and Heel Balm (125ml)Neat Feat Spray-On Foot and Heel Balm (125ml) 

Neat Feat Spray-On Foot and Heel Balm (125ml)

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  • Highly effective balm to heal cracked heels and feet
  • Excellent for keeping athletic feet in top shape
  • Provides noticeable results within five days
  • Rehydrates skin and repairs damaged areas
Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 supply chain delays. Please check back soon  

Currently unavailable due to COVID-19 supply chain delays. Please check back soon

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Neat Feat Spray-On Foot and Heel Balm 125ml

Dry, cracked heels are a problem for many athletes at some point in their lives, causing constant pain, discomfort and loss of performance. Neat Feat Spray-On Foot and Heel Balm 125ml is designed as an all-in-one solution to these problems, targeting dry skin with an advanced formula that repairs cracked heels and feet in no time. With easy application, a non-greasy formula and results within five days, this balm is the ultimate cracked heel solution.

Who Can Make Gains with Neat Feat Spray-On Foot and Heel Balm?

Athletes need their feet to be ready for just about anything, as there's no time to worry about painful or uncomfortable feet during competition. This balm will start to work immediately, repairing your dry and cracked skin so that you can run, jump and perform at your best – all without the pain of cracked heels and feet.

Key Features

  • Highly effective solution for cracked and dry heels
  • Easy to apply with a non-oily formula
  • Contains urea to maintain natural balance of the feet
  • Creates a lasting dry film over the affected area
  • Ideal for use at night for smooth, hydrated feet in the morning
  • Fitted with a 360° pump that works upside down for awkward area application
  • Provides noticeable results within five days after application
  • Supplied in a 125ml bottle

Repair Dry, Cracked Skin

Once applied, Neat Feat Foot Balm works to rehydrate your skin, and instantly begins to repair painful and uncomfortable cracks. Unlike other balms, it won't leave your feet oily or greasy, as it creates a dry film over the affected area that stays at work hours after application.

Why Do My Heels Crack?

To understand how this balm works, it's important to understand why your feet and heels become cracked in the first place. As your heels dry out, the loss of moisture begins to cause small fissures or cracks in your skin that will worsen over time if not treated. By rehydrating your skin where it needs it most, Neat Feat Foot and Heel Balm works to moisturise these fissures, allowing your skin to heal and reform in the cracked areas.

Easy Application

Since this balm is dispensed with an easy-to-use spray bottle, it can be easily applied in seconds. The 360° pump works even when upside-down, allowing you to reach even the most awkward areas. Most effective when applied at night, this balm will work while you sleep for powerful, effortless relief.

Easy to Apply 360 Degree Pump Works Upside Down
360° pump works upside-down down for application to hard-to-reach areas

Three Key Ingredients

The secret behind the efficacy of this product is the three key ingredients that combine for highly effective relief:

  1. Urea - The key ingredient of your skin's own natural moisturising factor, urea helps to soften skin and accelerate the healing process. As an added bonus, it helps restore the foot's natural balance, and increases the removal of dry, scaly skin.
  2. Lanolin - This ingredient helps to mix with water particles to more effectively penetrate into your skin, providing long-lasting relief. Reducing roughness, lanolin helps to heel your skin from the inside out.
  3. Petrolatum - This final material finishes off the healing process by creating a barrier layer to prevent moisture from leaving the skin. This protects skin from environmental assaults, meaning it ensures you don't lose the relief the balm provides.

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