Neo G Tennis/Golf Elbow Clasp
Neo G Tennis/Golf Elbow ClaspNeo G Tennis/Golf Elbow ClaspNeo G Tennis/Golf Elbow Clasp
Neo G Tennis/Golf Elbow ClaspNeo G Tennis/Golf Elbow Clasp

Neo G Tennis/Golf Elbow Clasp

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  • Great support for epicondylitis (Tennis/Golfer's elbow)
  • Provides support and relief during occupational/sporting activities
  • Inbuilt vibration dampening pad for extra comfort
  • Universal size, is unisex and fits either arm
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In stock now

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The Neo G Tennis/Golf Elbow Clasp is an effective option for reducing elbow pain. Repetitive arm movements can lead to persistent elbow pain and discomfort, whether it's from playing sports or just occupational activities. Tennis/golfer's elbow, or epicondylitis, can affect performance both in sports and during daily life. This is why the Tennis/Golf Elbow Clasp is a great option, since it is lightweight, low profile and won't inconvenience you. 

Who Can Make Gains Using the Tennis/Golf Elbow Clasp?

This product is designed to support people suffering from epicondylitis (commonly known as Tennis/Golfer's elbow), an inflammation of the tendons of the elbow. As the name would suggest, tennis and golf players are vulnerable to this condition, but it can afflict anyone who engages in heavy use of the forearm muscles, such as decorators or violin players.

The Elbow Clasp helps to reduce irritation in the tendons of the elbow. It is suitable for use in both sporting and occupational environments. This versatile product is universal size, unisex and can fit either the left or the right arm.

About the Tennis/Golf Elbow Clasp

The Tennis/Golf Elbow Clasp is specifically designed to provide dynamic compression and support to the forearm muscles and the elbow tendon complex. It works by helping to dampen vibration, stress and strain at the medial and lateral elbow by stabilising and cushioning the flexor and extensor muscles in the forearm. 

The strap can be used on either the left or right forearm, and is ideal for cases of epicondylitis (tennis/golfer's elbow) as it helps reduce tendon irritation and overuse. The unique ergonomic and lightweight design ensures a comfortable, adjustable fit.

Features and Benefits of the Neo G Elbow Clasp

  • Helps with epicondylitis (Tennis/Golfer's elbow) and other sprains and repetitive strain injuries
  • Helps provide support and relief for occupational and sporting injuries
  • Inbuilt vibration dampening pad for extra comfort 
  • Universal size (one size fits most), unisex and fits either the left or right arm
  • Reduces tendon irritation, and stabilises/cushions the flexor/extensor muscles of the forearm
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design allows adjustable yet firm compression and customisable fit

Sizing of the Tennis/Golf Elbow Clasp

The Neo G Elbow Clasp comes in a universal size, and will fit anyone with a forearm circumference of up to 36cm.

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