Noene TC4 Heel Pads

Noene TC4 Heel Pads

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  • Thin and light
  • 4mm thick heel pads
  • Washable & reusable
  • Suitable for all types of footwear
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Noene TC4 Heel Pads

The Noene TC4 Heel Pads are ideal for both sporting and daily activities as they protect the joints by absorbing shockwaves generated from ground impact to the heel. This shock absorption makes the Noene TC4 Heel Pads perfect for all kinds of sports; running, football, tennis, hockey, rugby and all indoor sports. The Noene TC4 Heel Pads are also recommended for everyday activities, helping your joints whilst you work or walk, and for all activities that involve walking or standing for long periods.

Noene TC4 Heel Pads Features

  • Designed to be used with socks
  • 4mm thick insoles.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Suitable for all types of footwear.

What is Noene?

Noene are high-tech insoles, manufactured using a revolutionary material, which is capable of absorbing and then dispersing shockwaves generated by walking or jumping. These insoles can be used to protect your joints, when practising sport, at work or in your everyday life.

Noene insoles absorb and disperse most of the harmful impacts and vibrations, keeping them from spreading through your body. The diagram below shows the change in impact absorption when using Noene insoles.

What is Noene material made of?

Noene is a type of rubber, which has particular characteristics that make it different from traditional elastomers, thanks to its internal structure and special composition. The main property of the Noene material is its viscoelasticity which makes it an excellent shock absorber. This viscoelasticity and the capacity to absorb shocks allow it to absorb and then disperse energy.

Noene was created for the heavy industry sectors that needed to reduce the wear and tear caused by heavy machinery vibrations. It is also used in some racing cars, high speed trains and even the Milan underground system, to absorb vibrations that could damage the structure of the "Duomo di Milno".

Who can use Noene Insoles?

  • Sportsmen and Women: Noene insoles provides great joint protection during exercise, and is suitable for professionals or amateurs.
  • Seniors: As we age, our joints become more sensitive to vibrations and impacts. Noene insoles help to protect them during everyday activities.
  • Workers: Waiters, nurses, soldiers, firemen, police officers, and so on, work for miles everyday in their profession. Noene insoles help you get on with job and not worry about aches and pains.
  • Children: Kids are on their feet all day, running, jumping and carrying heavy rucksacks around. Noene insoles helps to protect their joints, especially those who suffer joint pains.

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