OPRO Ortho Bronze Mouthguard

OPRO Ortho Bronze Mouthguard

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  • Offers high levels of impact protection
  • Suitable for use during all contact sports
  • Specially designed for wearers of fixed braces
  • Available in two attractive colours
This product has been discontinued. Please contact our team for details of the latest release.  

This product has been discontinued. Please contact our team for details of the latest release.

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OPRO Ortho Bronze Mouthguard

Finding a comfortable mouthguard when wearing a fixed brace is practically impossible. The OPRO Ortho Bronze Mouthguard features a unique design that has been developed specifically for wearers of fixed braces, and ensures high levels of both protection and comfort.

Features and Benefits of the Ortho Bronze Mouthguard

  • Designed for wearers of fixed braces
  • Mouldable inner channel provides a retentive fit after moulding
  • Suitable for use during all contact sports
  • Latex-free for reduced skin irritability
  • Can be worn by all people over the age of seven
  • Supplied with a free protective case
  • Available in two colours: White and Dark Blue

Who Can Make Benefits with the Ortho Bronze Mouthguard?

With its unique design, the Ortho Bronze Mouthguard is suitable for all wearers of fixed braces over the age of seven to protect their jaw and teeth from impact and blows. Without wearing a mouthguard, any blow to the facial area sends shockwaves through the skull and a direct impact to the teeth can result in fracture.

Other blows, in particular to the lower jaw area can result in further damage whereby the the lower jaw can slam the jaws together in a sudden impact and force the sharp lower teeth into the back of the upper teeth causing fracture. Mouthguards act like shock absorbers by spreading the force over a larger area which dissipates energy and reduces its effect, preventing or vastly reducing any injury.

Comfortable Fit

The stretch zones allow the Ortho Bronze Mouthguard to fit in almost any mouth, and the wide open palate makes speech and breathing easy while the guard is worn. Its easy-to-fit design includes a unique channel that is suitable for fitting around fixed braces.

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