Össur CTi OTS PCL Knee Brace
Össur CTi OTS PCL Knee BraceÖssur CTi OTS PCL Knee BraceÖssur CTi OTS PCL Knee BraceÖssur CTi OTS PCL Knee Brace

Össur CTi OTS PCL Knee Brace

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  • Designed for extreme sports for durability
  • Suitable for ACL, LCL, MCL and PCL sprains and tears
  • Stabilises and protects ligaments and cartilage
  • Carbon fibre construction for rigid support
Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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Participating in extreme sports require knee braces that can keep up with your demanding needs, especially when it comes to helping with injuries like ligament tears and sprains.

The Össur CTi OTS PCL Knee Brace has been developed specifically to meet the demands of extreme sports, providing rigid support to knees to aid in the protection and rehabilitation of ligament injuries.

Who Can Make Gains with the Össur CTi OTS PCL Knee Brace?

The CTi OTS PCL uses flexible subshells, providing adjustability for a fantastic fit straight off the shelf, while still ensuring you receive an incredibly high level of protection and support to help ensure that your injury can heal. Despite these flexible subshells, the brace still utilises a rigid frame and non-elastic straps to ensure stability and prevent excessive moments that can contribute to ligament injury.

This knee brace is suitable for:

  • Mild to severe ACL sprains and tears
  • Mild to severe LCL sprains and tears
  • Mild to severe MCL sprains and tears
  • Mild to severe PCL sprains and tears

Natural Motion with AccuTrac® Hinge

To give your knee a natural range of motion, the CTi OTS PCL utilises the AccuTrac hinge. Developed after an in-depth analysis of the leg's natural motion, the hinge features a patented four-bar linkage system that accurately recreates the knee's natural movement – exactly as it would be brace-free – to give you the flexibility you need to perform at your best.

Breathable Padding for Improved Comfort

An aerospacer base mesh fabric covered with Sensil® Silicone ensures the CTi's padding is wonderfully breathable for maximum comfort during use. What's more, this almost completely eliminates migration, ensuring that the brace stays in place and enabling you to keep moving knowing that your brace is always in place.

Features and Benefits of the Össur CTi OTS PCL Knee Brace

Through its comprehensive support system, the CTi OTS PCL brace provides total support to knee ligaments. For ACL support, firm contact between the brace and the shin stops forward movement and rotation of the knee, while the non-elastic strap on the thigh give the CTi a counter-force to stabilise the knee further.

The brace's rigidity across the hinges gives support to the MCL and LCL ligaments either side of the knee to control medial and lateral stability. For PCL support, the CTi OTS PCL brace features a dedicated strap on the front and a shelf on the back of the calf to support the ligament, managing instability through a PCL injury.

Low-Profile Durable Design

The low-profile frame shape of the CTi OTS PCL contours to the leg, This makes it ideal for a huge range of physical activities where ligament support is vital. On top of this, the brace is made from hand-laminated and pre-preg carbon fibre that not only provides true rigid support but also makes the brace highly durable and lightweight. And because it's made from corrosion resistant materials, it's even suitable for water sports.

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Sizing of the Össur CTi OTS PCL Knee Brace

The Össur CTi OTS PCL Knee Brace is available in five different sizes in versions for the left and right leg. Circumference measurements should be taken at the distal border of the patella (at the bottom of the knee cap).

Size Circumference Measurement
Small 28cm - 34cm
Medium 34cm - 38cm
Large 38cm - 41cm
Extra Large 41cm - 44cm
XX-Large 44cm - 48cm