Physicool Large Cooling Bandage for the Knee, Thigh and Shoulder
 Physicool Large Cooling Bandage for the Knee, Thigh and ShoulderPhysicool Large Cooling Bandage for the Knee, Thigh and Shoulder 
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Physicool Large Cooling Bandage for the Knee, Thigh and Shoulder

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  • Treats swelling and pain for a quicker recovery after sports injuries
  • Ideal for use on knees, thighs, and shoulders
  • Clinically proven to outperform use of ice
  • Reusable bandage for immediate use following sprains and collisions
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Helping to encourage a quicker healing or recovery, the Large Physicool Cooling Bandage for the Knee, Thigh and Shoulder combines cold and compression to reduce swelling and pain. As it can be reused, it is ideal for taking with you to training sessions, during competition, and for use after performance.

Where Can the Large Cooling Bandage Be Worn?

The Large Physicool Cooling Bandage is designed to be used on limbs with a larger area. It can provide a soothing treatment for a range of areas, including:

  • Knees
  • Thighs
  • Shoulders

Whether you've pulled a muscle during a football match or pulled your shoulder while playing tennis, the Cooling Bandage can help to reduce the swelling and soothe the pain.

How Does the Cooling Bandage Work?

The Physicool Cooling Bandage combines cold and compression to reduce swelling and pain. The bandage moulds anatomically around the injured limb to provide a 360° maximum cryotherapy, which then works to numb the nerve endings to reduce pain.

Physicool cools through patented Evaporating Cooling Technology, and is clinically proven to outperform ice-based treatments.

How Long Does It Last?

Providing between two to three hours of cooling before it needs to be charged, the Physicool Cooling Bandage can offer ample soothing for relief from swelling and pain. It can then be recharged using the Physicool Coolant Spray (sold separately), which works by spraying the Coolant directly onto the bandage.

As the Cooling Bandage can be reused, it can be carried around with you in case you should suddenly need to use it after an unexpected injury on the pitch. The next time you find yourself overexerted at the gym, you won't need to worry about finding an emergency ice pack to ease the pain if you've taken your Physicool wrap and Coolant spray with you as a precaution.

Easy to Apply

The Large Physicool Cooling Bandage is easy to apply, and can be done so with one hand for instant use. The bandage fastens securely with the use of the Velcro strap, and its portable size means that it can be carried around for immediate use without taking up too much room.

The Large Cooling Bandage is used postoperatively by orthopaedic hospitals to improve recovery and mobility within the Enhanced Recovery Programme. It is also suitable for individual use, ideal for athletes and sports players who would benefit from the cooling relief of Physicool.

Key Features of the Large Cooling Bandage

  • Reduces pain and swelling for knees, thighs, and shoulders
  • Ideal for athletes, physios, and hospitals
  • Provides 360° coverage when wrapped around the limb
  • Numbs nerve endings to provide effective pain relief
  • Eliminates the inconvenience of relying on water, ice, or refrigeration
  • Easy to apply and carry around for instant use
  • Velcro strap with washable 100% cotton bandage
  • Reusable for frequent use when cooled with the Coolant Spray
  • Size: 12cm x 3 metres

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Please note: As this product has a coolant applied to its surface, it is non-returnable on grounds of hygiene.

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This item is non-returnable and non-refundable on grounds of hygiene.

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