Pro11 Rehabilitation Balance Pad

Pro11 Rehabilitation Balance Pad

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  • Closed-cell EVA foam balance pad
  • For balance training and rehabilitation
  • Covered with non-slip, waterproof material
  • More effective than a balance/wobble board
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In stock now

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The Pro11 Balance Pad is a balance training tool designed to provide gradual, progressive resistance training in a 360° range. This pad can be used for a wide range of applications to improve balance and functional movement, making it ideal for improving sports performance and for the rehabilitation of sports injuries.

Who Can Make Gains with the Pro11 Balance Pad?

The Pro11 Balance Pad is an effective tool for anyone that wants to improve their balance and body awareness, and can be used to refine motor skills. As a result, it can help sports players to enhance their hand-eye co-ordination and improve their overall performance, and can be used in the rehabilitation of orthopedic traumatological diseases and in sports injury rehabilitation.

About the Pro11 Balance Pad

This balance pad is made from closed-cell EVA foam that yields slightly when stepped on. It is covered with durable, waterproof material to extend its life, and has a non-slip surface to promote safe use. 

How a Balance Pad Works

Due to its foam composition, a balance pad is slightly unstable when you step onto it. As a result, you are forced to use all of the muscles in your feet and core to maintain your balance. A balance pad is a more effective tool than a balance or wobble board for balance training because it requires you to engage more muscles to maintain your stability.

Compact and Portable

The Pro11 Balance Pad measures 52 x 42 x 6cm and is lightweight. As a result, it is perfect for home use and can easily be transported to the gym or sports field.

Features and Benefits of the Pro11 Balance Pad

  • Made from closed-cell EVA foam
  • Waterproof, non-slip surface
  • Improves balance and co-ordination
  • Can be used for sports training
  • Suitable for motor skill rehabilitation
  • Dimensions: 52 x 42 x 6cm

Note: To maintain the integrity of the foam, this pad should not be used when wearing shoes.

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