RC 1400 Battery Pack for Therm-IC Powersocks

RC 1400 Battery Pack for Therm-IC Powersocks

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  • Battery pack for the Therm-IC Powersocks
  • Can be controlled via a hand control
  • Warms the socks for up to sixteen hours
  • Easily attached/detached from the socks
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In stock now

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RC 1400 Battery Pack For Therm-IC Powersocks

Cold feet do nothing for your performance. In fact, they reduce it for as the muscles get cold, they lose tension in the fibres and stop working as effectively, damaging your performance and leaving you at a higher risk of injury. The use of the Powersocks are an ideal way to prevent this problem from developing, but they need to be powered.

The RC 1400 Battery Pack is the solution for this problem. The battery pack is attached to the socks easily and swiftly, providing you with the warmth you need to keep your performance at its peak.

Who Can Make Gains with the RC 1400 Battery Pack?

The battery pack is ideal for anyone using the Therm-IC Powersocks, meaning it is ideal for people undertaking skiing, snowboarding or even cycling during the winter months. The battery pack generates power for fourteen hours once it has been charged, meaning your performance can be maintained the entire time you are undertaking activities.

Features of the RC 1400 Battery Pack

The battery pack are suitable for use with the Therm-IC Powersocks. They are fastened to the top of the socks via snap buttons, making them easy to put on and take off.

The RC 1400 Battery Pack can be controlled by a hand control so you can adjust the temperature without having to bend down to your feet.

The batteries will provide your feet with warmth for up to sixteen hours as they are made from an ultralight lithium-ion battery.

The batteries come with a suitable storage back to provide them with a safe place when they are not attached to the socks.

Suitable for use worldwide, the global charger unit provided with the batteries allows you to charge wherever you go. The batteries automatically charge when plugged in.

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