RockTape G-Loves Weight Lifting Gloves
 RockTape G-Loves Weight Lifting GlovesRockTape G-Loves Weight Lifting Gloves 

RockTape G-Loves Weight Lifting Gloves

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  • Full hand protection for weight-lifting
  • Touch-screen friendly for greater usability
  • "False-grip" silicon ribs to help with muscle ups
  • Ventilated side walls improve comfort, even after long periods
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If you work out regularly, you know that one of the most common and hard to avoid weightlifting injuries is damage to your hands. Whether it's blisters, cuts or tears, these injuries can limit you at the gym, or prevent you from being able to go as often as you'd like. RockTape G-Loves Weight Lifting Gloves are designed to eliminate these issues, while keeping your hands fully usable, and even specifically aiding certain exercises.

Who Can Make Gains With RockTape G-Loves?

RockTape G-Loves Weight Lifting Gloves are designed to do more than just prevent your hands from injury. With features like touch-screen friendly fingertips, a para-cord pull strap and a sweat wipe on top, these gloves will really enhance your workout experience. Also featuring "false-grip" ribs to help in muscle ups, and an ability to be used with chalk, these gloves will help you conquer the entire gym and reach your fitness goals. Anyone who frequently lifts heavy weight in the gym will find these gloves to be an essential part of their fitness arsenal.

Comfort and Protection

Designed with seamless palms, and vents for the sides of your fingers, RockTape G-Loves Gloves are made to be the most comfortable workout gloves on the market. And with a synth-suede palm, as well as added protection for hook-grips, the G-Love will have you covered through your entire workout, letting you get back to the gym sooner with your hands feeling fresh.

Key Features

  • Synth-suede palms
  • Touch-screen friendly
  • Seamless palm design
  • "False-grip" silicon ribs to help with muscle ups
  • Hook grip thumb protection
  • Sweat wipe included on top
  • Vented finger side-walls
  • Works with chalk
  • Para-cord pull strap

Sizing of the RockTape G-Loves

When sizing G-Loves, measure around your hand just below your knuckles, not including your thumb. Please use this measurement to select your perfect size from the table below.

G-Love Size Hand Circumference
Extra Small 6" and under
Small 7"
Medium 8"
Large 9"
Extra Large 10" and over

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