RockTape RockWrist Wrist Wraps

RockTape RockWrist Wrist Wraps

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  • Strong and supportive for your wrists
  • Lightweight and minimal design
  • Developed with CrossFit Games Champion Jason Khalipa
  • 10% stretch for comfortable fit and movement
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When you're doing any type of strength based workout, having the support you need for your wrists and other joints is crucial to preventing injury and getting the most out of your workout. Choosing the right wrist strap through, can be difficult, as many of them are either too bulky, or don't provide enough support. Luckily the RockTape RockWrist Wrist Wraps are supportive enough so you can push for your personal bests, yet minimal and light enough that they'll stay off your mind during your workout.

Who Can Make Gains with RockTape RockWrists?

Whether you're the strongest person in the gym, or just someone who dabbles with lifting heavy weights, supporting your wrists is one of the most important part to any workout. For exercises like overhead lifts, one wrong move and your wrists could be in serious trouble, and trouble for your wrists likely means weeks or months where going to the gym just isn't an option. So if you're serious about your long-term training goals, you should invest in the RockWrist Wrist Wraps and give yourself peace of mind so you can train better, longer and more effectively.

Designed for CrossFit by Jason Khalipa

There aren't many workouts out there tougher than the ones involved in CrossFit, so the fact that these wraps were designed with the help of CrossFit Games Champion Jason Khalipa speaks volumes for their pedigree. Touted by Khalipa as the "perfect wrist strap", you can be sure these straps will allow you to reach all your fitness goals better than nay on the market.

Tough and Comfortable

The RockTape weren't messing around when they manufactured and designed these RockWrist Wrist Wraps. The strings won't break, and the elastic won't become brittle, so these straps are sure to last for as long as you need them. Since they allow a small 10% stretch, they'll also be comfortable, and allow you all the movement you need for any exercise.

One Size Fits Most

These Wrist Wraps have been designed with a universal sizing that should be suitable for most users. The dimensions of the wraps are as follows:

  • Length: 22"
  • Width: 2.5"

Key Features

  • Strong and supportive for your wrists
  • Lightweight and minimal
  • Developed with CrossFit Games Champion Jason Khalipa
  • Easily secured with hook and loop
  • 10% stretch for comfortable fit and movement
  • Suitable for CrossFit
  • One size fits most
  • Durable construction
  • Made with polyester, nylon and cotton
  • Prevents injury

Jason Khalipa on the RockTape RockWrists

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