Rolyan Ultragrip Resistive Finger Exerciser
Rolyan Ultragrip Resistive Finger ExerciserRolyan Ultragrip Resistive Finger ExerciserRolyan Ultragrip Resistive Finger Exerciser
Rolyan Ultragrip Resistive Finger ExerciserRolyan Ultragrip Resistive Finger Exerciser

Rolyan Ultragrip Resistive Finger Exerciser

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  • Resistive finger exerciser for rehabilitation
  • Strengthen fingers individually for targeted training
  • Palm bar and fingertips designed for optimum positioning
  • Five resistances available for progressive training
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In stock now

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Rolyan Ultragrip Resistive Finger Exerciser

Ideal for gym-goers, musicians and users in physical therapy, The Rolyan Ultragrip Resistive Finger Exerciser works to strengthen the hands, forearms and fingers. This targeted training device is extremely effective for rehabilitation after an injury or surgery, speeding recovery to open up a wider range of motion.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Finger Exerciser

Who Can Make Gains with the Rolyan Ultragrip Resistive Finger Exerciser?

The Rolyan Ultragrip Exerciser works to strengthen your hand, fingers and forearm, as well as increase your range of motion. Regular use is extremely beneficial for gym goers, helping you workout for longer, such as when lifting weights. The Finger Exerciser is also a handy tool for musicians who require more finger strength, such as guitar players. 

Train Individual Fingers

The Ultragrip exerciser enables you to train each finger and thumb individually to ensure that hand strength is consistently developed and weaker fingers can get the help they need to regain their strength. This is ideal for physical therapy, as well as those with conditions such as arthritis that weaken the hand. A special double thumb accessory is included that spans across two buttons, ensuring that the thumb is properly trained.

Rolyan Finger Exerciser
Trains each finger and thumb individually

Effective Hand and Finger Positioning

The ergonomic design of the exerciser ensures that it properly fits into your hand. The arched shape mimics the hand's resting position for a comfortable fit and also ensures correct placement and even pressure distribution. A centre notch prevents the thumb from moving during exercise to ensure stability. A new fingertip design ensures fingers are both comfortable and correctly positioned for more effective and controlled training, ensuring correct finger movement. 

Rolyan Finger Exerciser
Ergonomic design fits in your hand

Five Resistances Available

To enable progressive hand strength training, the Ultragrip finger exerciser is available with five resistances. Each resistance is colour-coded for easy identification, and helps you better develop your hand and finger strength over time. Take a look at the table below to find your preferred resistance, and select your choice from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Resistance Level Resistance Colour
Extra Soft 0.86kg (1.5lb) Yellow
Soft 1.4kg (3lb) Red
Medium 2.3kg (5lb) Green
Heavy 3.2kg (7lb) Blue
Extra Heavy 4.5kg (9lb) Black

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