Scissors for Sissel K-Tape

Scissors for Sissel K-Tape

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  • Scissors for use with Sissel K-Tape
  • Specially coated for a clean cut
  • Super sharp to allow for precision cutting
  • Prevent you from wasting tape
Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

Sissel K-Tape for Muscle SupportSissel K-Tape for Muscle Support
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Sissel K-Tape for Muscle Support can be applied for a number of uses, including in rehabilitation or when wanting to improve your sports performance. The tape can reduce pain, improve muscle function, eliminate circulation restriction and support joint function. For all of these reasons, the K-Tape makes a great accompaniment to your workout. Cutting all this tape can be a sticky job, but with the Scissors for Sissel K-Tape you need not worry about fraying edges, losing the end or wasting tape due to it getting stuck together.

Who Can Make Gains with Scissors for Sissel K-Tape?

If you're some one who cuts a lot of kinesiology tape, you're no doubt aware of the gunk that can build up on scissors, and the many pairs you may go through. These unique scissors are specially coated for a clean cut, designed specifically for use with Sissel Kinesiology Tape. Super sharp, they help prevent the medical grade acrylic adhesive sticking to the cutting edge or blade side. This ensures a clean cut every time, with less waste, letting you cut more, and spend less time doing it. 

Features and Benefits of the Scissors for Sissel K-Tape

  • Specially designed for cutting K-Tape
  • Super sharp for precision cutting
  • Won't lose their edge, cut after cut
  • Prevents adhesive gunking up the blade
  • Get a clean cut every time
  • Less wasted tape

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