Shock Doctor Ice Recovery Compression Shoulder Wrap

Shock Doctor Ice Recovery Compression Shoulder Wrap

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  • Ideal for rotator cuff injuries and various bruises, strains, and sprains
  • Useful for easing general soreness after workouts, training etc
  • Comes with gel packs which can be frozen or heated for ice/heat therapy
  • Adjustable straps allow a customised fit and your preferred level of compression
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The Shock Doctor Ice Recovery Compression Shoulder Wrap is the most complete icing solution on the market for injured or sore shoulders. It helps reduce swelling and pain by extracting heat from the shoulder through gentle compression and deep 360 degree ice coverage.

The Shoulder Wrap's anatomical design, adjustable straps and multiple gel ice packs ensure a proper fit, ideal compression levels and complete ice coverage of the shoulder. The gel packs, which come with the wrap, can be frozen or heated and help to speed up the body's natural ability to heal, while being held securely in place.

Who Can Make Gains with the Ice Recovery Compression Shoulder Wrap?

The Shoulder Wrap is ideal for anyone suffering from shoulder injury or soreness. It is ideal for injuries involving  the rotator cuff, as well as other bruises, strains and sprains, or just general soreness after a workout. It is well known that the combination of compression and ice is one of the best ways to treat soft tissue injuries. This product allows you to heal while going about your daily life as normal - no holding a packet of frozen peas in place!

Coming with either 3 or 4 gel packs depending on the size, the Shock Doctor Shoulder Wrap allows you to either heat or freeze the packets for your preferred method of dealing with the injury. The compression wrap keeps it securely in place, with a premium N-TEX Neoprene material for comfort and durability.

Features and Benefits of the Shock Doctor Ice Recovery Shoulder Wrap

  • Anatomically designed ice wrap gives complete 360 degree ice coverage, comfort and support
  • Comes with either 3 (Small/Medium) or 4 (Large/Extra Large) removable and reusable gel packs for your convenience
  • Dual cold or heat therapy - gel packs can be used either frozen or heated
  • Premium N-TEX Neoprene material for comfort and durability
  • Adjustable straps with Z-Grip closures provide a customised fit and compression levels to suit you

Sizing of the Ice Recovery Wrap

The Shock Doctor Ice Recovery Shoulder Wrap is sized based on chest size, in inches. Please consult the table below to see which size is right for you:

Size Chest Size (Inches)
Small/Medium 32 - 40"
Large/Extra Large 38 - 46"

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