Sidas Foot Protector Sheet for Blisters (1mm)

Sidas Foot Protector Sheet for Blisters (1mm)

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  • Easy blister prevention for improved foot protection
  • Biomechanical construction ensures comfortable wear
  • Durable construction designed for multi-day use
  • Dimensions: 90 x 100 x 1mm
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Blisters are a common risk for anyone in any sport and can make feet feel incredibly uncomfortable, so it's vital that you can give your feet the protection they need as soon as one starts to develop to properly maintain your performance. The Sidas Foot Protector Sheet for Blisters (1mm) provides effective protection for feet, preventing skin rubbing against clothes to stop blisters developing and keeping feet performing at their best.

Who Can Make Gains with the Sidas Foot Protector Sheet for Blisters (1mm)?

The Sidas Foot Protector Sheet for Blisters (1mm) is ideal for any sportsperson looking to keep their feet protected against blisters. During intense activity involving your feet, your feet can rub against socks and shoes, causing painful blisters to form and take their toll on your performance.

The foot protector sheet works to provide a protective barrier between skin and shoes and socks, preventing blisters from forming when they rub together. This enables you to maintain your performance no matter how hard you push your feet. What's more, the large sheet design of the foot protector can be trimmed to fit any part of the foot you need it to.

Prevent Blisters Developing

Applied at the first signs of friction between skin and clothing, the foot protectors sheet provide a protective barrier to ensure that blisters are unable to develop. This enables you to go about your day without blisters developing, keeping your feet protected and pain-free. It can easily be placed anywhere on the foot where friction could cause blisters to form, and the large trimmable sheet design provides exceptional flexibility of use.

Imperceptible Design

The foot protector sheets features a biomechanical construction, making them incredibly thin and imperceptible to the wearer. This ensures comfort while the they're being worn to make it easier for you to perform at the top of your game with your feet protected against blisters.

Durable For Multi-Day Use

Made from durable and breathable Silitene, the foot protector sheet is designed for multi-day use. Its washable design and secure adhesive ensures that it can go through whatever your feet go through and will last as long as you need it to.

Dimensions of the Sidas Foot Protector Sheet for Blisters (1mm)

The dimensions of the Sidas Foot Protector Sheet for Blisters (1mm) are 90 x 100 x 1mm.

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