Sissel Fit Rope Roller Massager
 Sissel Fit Rope Roller MassagerSissel Fit Rope Roller Massager 

Sissel Fit Rope Roller Massager

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  • Rope massage roller for back and shoulder relief
  • Ideal for releasing tight muscles after a workout
  • Seven pairs of different shaped knobs for variety
  • Releases muscular knots in your legs and back
Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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Sissel Fit Rope Roller Massager

Sore and aching muscles are often a symptom of everyday life, but not everyone wants to rely on painkillers or expensive therapies to relieve inflamed muscle tissue.  Based on traditional Chinese massage rollers, the Sissel Fit Rope Roller Massager allows you to unlock your body's potential, with a simple easy-to-use design that effectively reduces both tension and pain.

Who Can Make Gains with the Sissel Fit Rope Roller?

Muscular pain and fatigue can stop you from getting the most from your training, which in turn may impact your gains. If you suffer from one of the following, it may be time to get rolling with the Sissel Fit Rope Massager and make some serious gains:

  • Back pain
  • Tense calves
  • Sore thighs
  • Back of leg pain
  • Aching trapezius

Features and Benefits of the Sissel Fit Rope Massager

  • Length of rope with seven alternately shaped knobs
  • Ideal for reducing tension across the back and shoulders
  • Releases muscular knots for deep and penetrating relief from pain
  • Different shaped knobs offer varied massages across whole back region
  • Draws on traditional Chinese practices for authentic therapy
  • Attractive traditional wooden design

Based On Traditional Chinese Practices

China is renown for its simple but effective wooden massage rollers, and the Sissel Rope Massager draws on this variety of rollers for inspiration. The Sissel Massager is made from oiled beech and features textured rollers (various pointed knobs and round bobbles) to work on different tissue zones.

How Does the Sissel Rope Massager Relieve Pain?

By gripping the handles located on either side of the Sissel Fit Massager's length of rope, users may draw the wooden knobs across tight muscular areas of discomfort and pain. By working the body with these alternating knobs, users can release clenched tissue and encourage fresh blood flow, allowing for a dynamic deep tissue massage akin to that found through a real therapist's hands.

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