Sissel K-Tape for Muscle Support
Sissel K-Tape for Muscle SupportSissel K-Tape for Muscle SupportSissel K-Tape for Muscle SupportSissel K-Tape for Muscle Support

Sissel K-Tape for Muscle Support

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  • Kinesiology tape to boost sports performance
  • Ideal for use in sports rehabilitation
  • Improves muscle, joint and circulation function
  • Reduces pain and risk of injury
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Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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If you're a sportsperson, ensuring that your body and muscle function are always at their best is essential. Unfortunately, at one point or another you are likely to experience either injury, circulation restrictions or reduced joint function. Thankfully, Sissel K-Tape for Muscle Support can help, whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to prevent them, Kinesiology tape can be extremely useful in supporting your body and boosting your performance.

Who Can Make Gains with Sissel K-Tape for Muscle Support?

For athletes who are injured, nothing is more important than speeding up the recovery process, and making sure muscles are healing properly. Kinesiology tape can facilitate both of these goals, as it gently lifts the skin from the muscle, promoting blood flow, and supporting the muscle to promote recovery and avoid injury.

It can be applied for a number of uses, including in rehabilitation or when wanting to improve your sports performance. The tape can reduce pain, improve muscle function, eliminate circulation restriction and support joint function. For all of these reasons, the K-Tape makes a great accompaniment to your workout.

Features and Benefits of Sissel K-Tape

  • Kinesiology tape for support and activation of multi-functional body performance
  • Multi-use e.g. for rehabilitation, support, sports performance improvement
  • Helps with pain reduction
  • Improves muscle function
  • Eliminate circulatory restrictions
  • Reduce risk of muscle re-injury
  • Supports joint function
  • Can be applied to muscle, ligament and lymphatic technique
  • Can be used for mechanical correction - functional, fascia
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Available in 4 colours

Additional Information

The variety of colours in the K-Tape range are purely cosmetic and do not indicate any difference in the properties of the tape.

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