Sissel Reha Pro Rehabilitation Tool

  • Rehabilitation tool for wrist and forearm
  • Strengthens and reeducates muscles
  • Adjustable resistance 
  • Ideal for physiotherapy


Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

Sissel Reha Pro Rehabilitation Tool

If you have suffered an injury to your arm or wrist, your dexterity can be impacted. This makes everyday tasks difficult, reducing your agility and weakening the muscles. If you are athletic, not being able to train due to an injury can be incredibly frustrating.

The Sissel Reha Pro Rehabilitation Tool is designed to strengthen and reeducate the muscles in your wrist and forearm. This makes the specialist tool ideal for use in sports rehabilitation or physiotherapy. The Sissel Reha Pro can aid your recovery to help get you back on the horse and back to your training. 

Who Can Make Gains with the Sissel Reha Pro?

Whether you're an athlete or not, wrist and arm injuries can be one of the most disruptive to your everyday routine. So many simple tasks which we may usually take for granted require the use of your hands.

Whilst you cannot control how long it takes to recover from an injury, you can certainly take steps to aid the process. The Reha Pro allows for this, a specialist rehabilitation tool to strengthen the injured wrist or arm and encourage faster healing.

Easy to use, it locks in place using a clamp to prevent you from over stretching the muscles, and is adjustable. That way, you can choose the level of resistance that best suits your needs and ability. 

Features of the Sissel Reha Pro

  • Precise, specialist rehabilitation tool
  • For use on wrist or forearm
  • Can be used in sports and physiotherapy rehabilitation
  • Strengthens and reeducates the wrist and forearm musculature 
  • Various functions and possibilities 
  • Fully adjustable variable resistance to suit your needs
  • Precise loading options
  • Locking clamp - prevents over stretching
  • Easy to use
  • Made from plastic - lightweight and durable

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