SKLZ Chop Bar Rotational Trainer Gym Bar

SKLZ Chop Bar Rotational Trainer Gym Bar

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  • Side-lock compatible training bar for rotational power
  • Ideal for golf, tennis or baseball training
  • Train sports-specific swing motion
  • Create variable resistance with resistance cables
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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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SKLZ Chop Bar Rotational Trainer Gym Bar

Many players of sports such as tennis or golf recommend targeting the muscles responsible for your 'swing' during your workout routine. The SKLZ Chop Bar Rotational Trainer Gym Bar will improve both your core strength and your rotational power, contributing to your sports performance.

Who Can Make Gains with the SKLZ Chop Bar?

The Chop Bar will engage the muscles needed for all ball games involving, hitting, swinging and throwing. In order to project our force into the ball we need to build-up our rotational muscles in our core, exactly those targeted by the Chop Bar.

What Are the Key Features of the Chop Bar Rotational Trainer?

  • Strength and Power: Improve your core strength and rotational power with a wide choice of exercises
  • Swing-Movements: Trains sports-specific swing movements
  • Side-Lock Compatible: Compatible and easily interchangeable with side-lock components, including resistance cables
  • Rotation: Full circle rotation allows for uninhibited range of motion when fixed to a resistance cable

SKLZ Chop Bar Rotational Trainer Gym Bar

What Is Rotational Power?

All sports such as tennis, baseball and golf involve swinging movements. To perform these effectively it's important to develop your core strength and rotational power, which are responsible for the transmission of force into the ball. The Chop Bar can help you practice these swinging motions, targeting the specific muscles that contribute to rotational power.

Compatibility of the Chop Bar Rotational Trainer

The Chop Bar is compatible with all side-lock components, allowing the user to increase resistance levels. The bar can be fastened to range a of resistance cables, which in turn can be fastened to door frames or other suitable points of attachment. Following is a list of compatible resistance cables:

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