SKLZ Reaction Ball

SKLZ Reaction Ball

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  • Six-sided rubber ball with unpredictable bounce
  • Fun hand-eye coordination training
  • Suitable for solo or team training
  • Sharpens depth perception and reaction time
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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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SKLZ Reaction Ball

Whether you're looking to develop your hand-eye coordination in a team setting or improve your solo reaction time, the SKLZ Reaction Ball is perfect. The six-sided ball will bounce in unpredictable directions when thrown, giving you only seconds to figure out where you need to be to catch it, improving your depth perception exponentially.

Who Can Make Gains With the SKLZ Reaction Ball?

The ball will improve skills such as depth perception, coordination, reaction time and body control. These skills apply particularly well to sports such as tennis, cricket and baseball. The ball can be used to build connections between team players, or to work on your individual performance.

What Are the Key Features of the SKLZ Reaction Ball?

  • Unpredictable: Six-sided, high-bounce rubber design causes ball to leap and hop randomly
  • Training: Helps to improve reaction time, depth perception and hand-eye coordination, skills which are essential for all sports
  • Versatile: Can be used to volley ball between two athletes or rebound it against a wall, equally useful in solo or team settings
  • Fun: Extremely fun team training technique

SKLZ Reaction Ball

Who Can Benefit From the SKLZ Reaction Ball?

Anyone looking to improve their catching skills, footwork and coordination can benefit enormously from the reaction ball. When thrown it will bounce off in unpredictable directions, giving you a split second to correctly gauge its direction, distance and the movements required to catch it. The reaction ball is sure to keep you on your toes.

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