SKLZ Resistance Cable Lite Set (40lb)

SKLZ Resistance Cable Lite Set (40lb)

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  • Four foot cable with flex handles and door anchor
  • For versatile, comprehensive workout
  • Resistance strength of 40lb (approx. 18.1kg)
  • Use multi-planar movements for full body training
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Currently unavailable. Please check back soon

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SKLZ Resistance Cable Lite Set (40lb)

It can be difficult to manage a fully comprehensive workout if you've got limited time or space. The SKLZ Resistance Cable Lite Set (40lb), with its lower resistance strength of 40lb (approximately 18.1kg), will attach to any door jam for versatile strength training in any number of settings.

What's Included?

  • 2 x Flex handles
  • 1 x Door anchor
  • 1 x Resistance cable (4 foot in length)

Who Can Make Gains with the SKLZ Resistance Cable Set?

Anyone looking to increase their strength can benefit from the resistance cable set. When used with the right multi-planar exercises the cable set will workout your entire body. Thanks to the door anchor the set is particularly suitable for maintaining your training routine while travelling or working with limited space.

What Are the Key Features of the SKLZ Resistance Cable Set?

  • Resistance: Helps to increase your flexibility, strength and stamina with 40lb of resistance
  • Door Jam: Anchor can be attached to any door jam for versatile exercise anywhere
  • Flex Handles: Handles with side lock technology allow you to switch between resistance cables in a snap
  • Total Body Workout: Use multi-planar movements for a total body workout

SKLZ Resistance Cable Set

When Should I Use the Resistance Cable Set?

The resistance cable set is extremely versatile thanks to the door anchor, and can be used for exercise at home, the gym or anywhere else. The cable is suitable as a warmup exercise, but can itself be a full body workout when multi-planar movements are included in the routine.

What Is Resistance Training?

Resistance training involves testing your limbs and core against resistance provided by either your own body weight or a range of specialist equipment, including the resistance cable. Resistance training improves your muscle strength and tone and reduces the chance of injury.

Is the SKLZ Resistance Cable Available In Other Resistance Levels?

If you are interested in building more strength, the SKLZ Resistance Cable Set is also available with a 60lb resistance cable. This version is better for building strength for those that find the lighter band gives too little resistance.

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