Stabiliser for Sissel Exercise Ball
Stabiliser for Sissel Exercise BallStabiliser for Sissel Exercise BallStabiliser for Sissel Exercise Ball
Stabiliser for Sissel Exercise BallStabiliser for Sissel Exercise Ball

Stabiliser for Sissel Exercise Ball

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  • Stabiliser base to stop your exercise ball from rolling
  • Provides feeling of security when working out
  • Compatible with all Sissel Exercise Balls
  • Portable and lightweight
Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

Sissel Exercise BallSissel Exercise Ball
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Stabiliser for Sissel Exercise Ball

Exercise balls, such as the Sissel Exercise Ball, can help condition your body and improve your core stability. You may use one in rehabilitation exercises, or as a substitute for your standard chair for an easy way to work on your posture.

You may find that you lack stability when using your exercise ball, rolling around rather than staying in one supported, fixed place. No one wants to feel unstable, especially during a workout when focus is key.

The Stabiliser for Sissel Exercise Ball is a sturdy but lightweight base which helps keep your exercise ball in place whilst maintaining contact with the floor. Compact, it separates into four pieces for easy portability, so can be taken with you for use at home, work or the gym. It helps provide a feeling of security whilst sitting or working out so that you can be as comfortable and supported as possible.

Who Can Make Gains with the Sissel Exercise Ball Stabiliser?

Exercise balls have a range of uses, from helping expectant mothers through labour, getting bad backs into the sporting swing of things or helping you take your yoga up a gear. The accessories for such a versatile product has just as many uses, from helping make a exercise ball an excellent alternative to your standard office chair to being a handy stand for balls that insist on disrupting your workout routine by rolling every which way.

Unlike many ball stands which are intended for storage or positioning when not in use, the Sissel Stabiliser is sturdy enough to perform even when the ball is in use, allowing it to safely take the weight of both ball and user. Easy to assemble and completely portable, anyone who uses an exercise ball can find use for this convenient stabiliser.

Features of the Exercise Ball Stabiliser

  • Provides a feeling of security whilst sitting or working out
  • Ideal for pregnant women, the elderly, those in early stage rehabilitation or those with poor balance control
  • Enables you to carry out all pre-birth exercising (Lamaze classes et cetera) safely
  • Suitable for all Sissel Securemax and Exercise Balls
  • Made from durable recycled plastic
  • Four piece construction – easy to assemble 
  • Can be separated for easier portability

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