Techniche KewlShirt Evaporative Cooling Tank Top
 Techniche KewlShirt Evaporative Cooling Tank TopTechniche KewlShirt Evaporative Cooling Tank Top 
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Techniche KewlShirt Evaporative Cooling Tank Top

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  • Tank top style cooling vest
  • Evaporative technology absorbs and releases water
  • Keeps user cool for 5 - 10 hours
  • Supports athletes during training
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Techniche KewlShirt Evaporative Cooling Tank Top

Building up a sweat whilst you exercise can make you feel satisfied and accomplished. However, when things get too hot, you may feel uncomfortable and distracted from your workout.

The Techniche KewlShirt Evaporative Cooling Tank Top features a unique fabric construction which absorbs and slowly releases water through evaporation. This protects the wearer against heat stress, delivering cooling relief to the upper body for several hours.

Made with Spandex, the tank top is non-restrictive - perfect for athletes who want to stay fresh and focused when training for maximum productivity.

Who Can Make Gains with the Techniche KewlShirt Evaporative Cooling Tank Top?

Lightweight and easy to activate, the Cooling Tank Top uses a low cost, reusable cooling system. It can be used for a variety of applications in hot environments, but is particularly suitable for from keeping athletes cool when training.

The top is breathable, featuring built-in ventilation vents, and is designed to be worn against the skin for maximum cooling effect. The KewlShirt Tank Top is therefore best worn underneath a breathable sports jersey or on its own. 

How Does the Evaporative Cooling Tank Top Work?

Incredibly easy to use, simply soak the KewlShirt Tank Top in water for 1 - 2 minutes, before gently squeezing out (without twisting) the excess water. 

The HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling construction utilises a unique chemistry to achieve rapid absorption and stable water storage. The tank top releases its energy over time, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable for 5 - 10 hours.

The chemical formulation also creates enhanced evaporation. Users can expect the evaporative cooling fabric to provide temperatures that are 10 - 15° Fahrenheit cooler than the ambient temperature, depending on airflow. 

Features of the KewlShirt Evaporative Cooling Tank Top

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to activate
  • Traditional tank top styling
  • Made with Spandex - flexible, non-restrictive
  • Waterproof nylon outer - keeps you dry
  • HyperKewl cooling fabric inner
  • Provides 5 - 10 hours of cooling relief per soak
  • Ventilation vents built into back and front panels for breathability
  • Can be worn underneath sports jersey or on its own
  • Machine washable design for easy maintainance
  • CE certified
  • Colour: black and blue

Sizing Chart

Size Chest Measurement (cm) Torso Length (cm)
Extra Small 79 - 84cm 49cm
Small 86 - 91cm 52cm
Medium 94 - 99cm 53cm
Large 102 - 107cm 55cm
Extra Large 109 - 114cm 56cm

Additional Information

Please note that high humidity (90%) will diminish the fabric's ability to evaporate water and therefore provide cooling.

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