TheraBand Hand Trainer
 TheraBand Hand TrainerTheraBand Hand Trainer 

TheraBand Hand Trainer

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  • Aids hand and wrist rehabilitation
  • Six colour-coded levels of resistance
  • More that 60 access holes
  • Instruction manual of exercises included
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In stock now

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The TheraBand Hand Trainer helps improve strength and mobility, aiding those recovering from hand or wrist surgery. Following the familiar TheraBand colour progression, the TheraBand Hand Trainer allows patients to easily track progress during treatment. Each colour-coded latex sheet of the TheraBand Hand Trainer gives progressively increasing resistance for extension, flexion and opposition exercises to improve grip strength and mobility.

Who Can Make Gains with the TheraBand Hand Trainer?

One of the most difficult parts of rehabilitating a hand or wrist injury is restoring full working strength and range of motion to the damaged area. With this hand trainer from TheraBand, you'll be able to incrementally restore both these crucial attributes, and restore your full athletic capacity to what it was before injury. Cut your rehab time, and get back on the field or into the gym sooner, with the TheraBand Hand Trainer.

Features and Benefits of the TheraBand Hand Trainer

  • Facilitate progressive extension exercises
  • Aids functional finger exercises like pinching, opposition and prehension
  • Pair of high impact 10" and 10.5" diameter moulded rings that lock the sheets in place when pressed together
  • Elastic sheeting contains more that 60 access holes
  • Resistances varying from extra light to extra heavy

The TheraBand Hand Trainer Intro Kit contains:

  • An instruction guide that demonstrates proper exercises for a variety of applications
  • 1 set of rings
  • 6 elastic sheets (1 of each resistance)

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