Theraband Rocker Balance Board

Theraband Rocker Balance Board

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  • Train your balance and core to rehab an injury
  • Provides an unstable and sensory stimulating surface
  • Regain range of motion in your ankles and knees
  • Allows one plane of instability at a time
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The TheraBand Rocker Balance Board offers an unstable and sensory-stimulating surface designed to facilitate balance and proprioceptive training as well as automatic postural reactions. This balance board features a single-plane rocker that allows one plane of instability at a time, preventing unwanted side to side movement while still permitting beneficial motion, helping you recover from your injury and get back into shape.

The rocker board is made of black moulded plastic with a specially designed grip tactile surface on the top where feet sit. The Rocker Board also has an anti-skid surface on the bottom for enhanced stability.

The weight limit of the TheraBand Rocker Balance Board is 21 stone (136kg).

Who Can Make Gains with the Theraband Rocker Balance Board?

The Theraband Rocker Balance board is a perfect tool for anyone going through rehab, or looking to get back into conditioning after rehab. Allowing you to strengthen your ankles, knees, calves and core, this balance board provides a safe and low-impact way to strengthen muscles so you can get back to work in your favourite sport sooner.

Features and Benefits of the Theraband Rocker Balance Board

  • Single-plane rocking balance board
  • Sensory-stimulating surface
  • Facilitates proprioceptive training and automatic postural reactions
  • improve your balance and core strength
  • Recover from injury faster
  • Increase range of motion in the ankles
  • Made of black moulder plastic with grip tactile top surface
  • Anti-skid surface on bottom to prevent slipping
  • 136kg user weight limit
  • Perfect for rehabilitation purposes
  • Strengthen knees and calves
  • Low-impact

Dimensions of the Theraband Rocker Balance Board

Top of the board = 13 1/8 inches x 14 inches

Angle of deflection = 30°

Suitable uses for the Theraband Rocker Balance Board

  • Balance and proprioceptive training for upper and lower extremities.
  • Closed kinetic chain exercises
  • Ankle and knee injury prevention and strengthening
  • Core strengthening and stability
  • Ankle range of motion and flexibility
  • Sensorimotor training

Rocker Boards and Balance Boards are ideal for use in a rehabilitation environment.

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