TheraPearl Hot and Cold Face Wrap
 TheraPearl Hot and Cold Face WrapTheraPearl Hot and Cold Face Wrap 

TheraPearl Hot and Cold Face Wrap

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  • Effective hot and cold therapy for facial relief
  • Perfect for soothing tender skin or for helping to open clogged sinuses
  • Easy to use – freeze in your freezer, heat in your microwave
  • Contours to your face for full contact with the skin and extra comfort
Available, dispatched within 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched within 1-2 days

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If you're some one who loves sports, you know they can sometimes be tough on your face. A day out on the field can leave you with busted or fat lips, black eyes, or swollen features.  The TheraPearl Hot and Cold Face Wrap is a soothing face mask which can be used to treat these minor facial injuries, as well as help to open sinuses, soothe tender skin, or as a part of your facial routine. The TheraPearl wrap is drip and mess-free because it utilises pliable gel pearls to apply heat or cold to provide relief.

This face wrap can be used as a cold pack for cold therapy, or as a relaxing warm pad for cosy heat therapy on your face.

Who Can Make Gains with the TheraPearl Hot and Cold Face Wrap?

If you want to get back to your favourite sport sooner, without swelling that can leave you with a half-closed eye, stuffed up nose, or just a painful face in general, this face pack can help you speed up your recovery and get back on track. Use it as a cold pack to reduce swelling and inflammation, help bruises heal, or reduce the pain from injury, or you can use it as a heat pack to unblock your sinuses, and help you breath easier, leading to more comfort and better performance.

Heating and Cooling the Instructions

The TheraPearl Hot and Cold Face Wrap can be heated in a microwave, making it easy and quick to use. The pearls conform to your face and deliver soothing heat therapy.

The TheraPearl Hot and Cold Face Wrap can be frozen in a household freezer, creating the “frozen peas” effect, and offering ice therapy without sacrificing flexibility.

Features and Benefits of the TheraPearl Hot and Cold Face Wrap

  • Conforms to your face to provide excellent coverage and optimal contact to your skin
  • Recover from sports injuries faster
  • Reduce swelling in eyes, lips, or anywhere on the face
  • A mess-free alternative to ice packs - no more messy leaks
  • Soft on your skin for super comfort and less irritation
  • Re-usable time and time again - the ideal addition to your first aid kit or recovery routine
  • Non-toxic - free of BPA, lead, latex and phthalates
  • Freezable and microwaveable for convenience and speed
  • Dimensions: 45.2cm length x 24.1cm width

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