Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit with C-Pack 1300 Battery

Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit with C-Pack 1300 Battery

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  • Integrates heating elements into your existing insoles
  • Ultra-thin design helps to prevent irritation
  • Suitable for almost any type and size of insole
  • Includes battery pair with up to 22 hours of warmth
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In stock now

Therm-IC Insole Heat KitTherm-IC Insole Heat Kit
Therm-IC C-Pack 1300 Battery Pack for Therm-IC InsolesTherm-IC C-Pack 1300 Battery Pack for Therm-IC Insoles
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Since your feet feel cold weather before any other part of you, it's vital to your performance that you can maintain a comfortably warm temperature inside your shoes.

The Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit with C-Pack 1300 Battery has been developed to provide your feet with the warmth they need to keep you going, no matter your activity. The included heating elements can be integrated into any insoles, enabling you to receive the warmth your feet need while also ensuring they continue to get the support needed from your current insole. 

What's Included in the Set?

The following items are included:

  • 1 x Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit
  • 1 x Pair of C-Pack 1300 Batteries
  • 1 x USB Charger

Who Can Make Gains with the Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit with C-Pack 1300 Battery?

The Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit with C-Pack 1300 Battery is ideal for anyone looking for a way to keep their feet warm while maintaining the support of their current insoles.

Insoles can provide a vital performance gain, so it's important that this can be maintained year-round. By transforming your current insoles into heated insoles, you can continue to reap their benefits while also ensuring your feet are protected from the cold, helping you to up your game even more. The included battery pack provides up to 22 hours of battery life – perfect for all-day use on the slopes or on the field.

Integrates into any Insoles

The Heat Kit integrates into almost any existing insoles, transforming them into heated insoles. This is ideal if your feet need a little extra warmth in the winter months but still require the level of support provided by your current insoles.

Maintain Comfort and Support

To ensure that your feet remain comfortable with the heating elements attached, the Heat Kit also includes a self-adhesive textile lining that goes over the top of the elements and the insoles. This provides a comfortable barrier between the heating elements and your feet, while still ensuring that warmth and support can still be provided to your soles.

C-Pack 1300 Battery Set

The Insole Heat Kit includes a pair of Therm-IC C-Pack 1300 batteries to power the heating elements. Providing warmth to feet for up to 22 hours, the battery is ideal for use throughout the day. A USB charger is also included, making it incredibly easy to charge the battery when not in use. Battery charging takes between three to four hours for a full charge, ensuring they're ready when you are.

To help you get the level of warmth your feet need, the C-Pack 1300 features three heat levels – low, average and high. The battery life at each of these levels is:

  • Low: 16 - 22 hours
  • Average: 7 - 10 hours
  • High: 3 - 4 hours

Sizing for the Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit with C-Pack 1300 Battery

The Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit with C-Pack 1300 Battery is supplied in a single size to fit most shoe insoles.

Please note that the Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit with C-Pack 1300 Battery does not include an insole itself.


Please note, all Therm-IC goods are supplied with a two year warranty on electronic components! This way, you can be sure of an extended, high-value period of use.

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