Therm-IC PowerGlove IC 1300 Heated Mittens

Therm-IC PowerGlove IC 1300 Heated Mittens

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  • Inner glove and mitten top provide extra warmth
  • Batteries ensure heat for up to ten hours even in extreme conditions
  • Secure fit with zippers, cords and a flexible wristband
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to suit most users
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In stock now

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It can be hard to maintain a sturdy grip on ski poles when you have lost feeling in your fingers due to the cold weather generally experienced out on the slopes.

But what if you can stay warm, despite the frigid temperatures? The PowerGlove range provides warmth to the hands, but for some, it is not quite enough. The Sidas Therm-IC PowerGlove IC 1300 Heated Mittens are designed for those who are especially sensitive to the cold weather.

What's Included in the Box?

The following items are included:

  • 1 x Pair of Therm-IC PowerGlove IC 1300 Heated Mittens
  • 1 x Pair of Built-In Lithium Ion Batteries

Who Can Make Gains From The Therm-IC PowerGlove IC 1300 Heated Mittens?

The PowerGloves help to lift the temperature in the hands, but for those who are extra sensitive, that isn't always enough. The mittens consist of an inner glove and then the outer mitten layer. This means you still have full mobility in your fingers but with an additional layer to provide and trap warmth. This doesn't reduce the grip or mobility of your fingers, but does increase the warmth which will only enhance your performance.

Quality Materials

The mittens are made from a top quality mixture of leather and Primaloft insulation technology to ensure the heat is distributed evenly across the whole hand. The fabric is both breathable and waterproof thanks to the Dryzone membrane coating it and helps to stimulate blood circulation due to the impulse control features.

Ultralight Built-In Battery

The heat is distributed because of the integrated ultralight lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are able to ensure that warmth is being distributed even to the tips of your fingers for up to ten hours, even in extreme weather conditions.

Secure Fit

The mittens are secured onto the hands in a variety of ways - zippers, drawstring and safety cords all ensure that the mittens stay where they are supposed to once they have been put into place. They too have the ski-goggle wipes built in to the glove.

The Mitten Advantage

Having the mitten top provides extra warmth for those who feel the cold even more. This is due to there being a soft inner glove under the mitten, providing another layer of warmth and helping to insulate against the cold even more than the usual PowerGloves are able to do.

Sizing for the Therm-IC PowerGlove IC 1300 Heated Mittens

The Therm-IC PowerGlove IC 1300 Heated Mittens are available in three sizes – Large, Extra Large and XX-Large – designed to fit most men's hands.

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