Therm-IC S-Pack 700 Battery Pack for Therm-IC Powersocks

Therm-IC S-Pack 700 Battery Pack for Therm-IC Powersocks

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  • Compact battery pair for Therm-IC Powersocks
  • Provides up to eight hours battery life
  • USB charger included for easy recharging
  • Three heat settings for controlled warmth
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In stock now

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The Therm-IC Powersocks are fantastic for keeping feet warm in cold conditions, so it's vital that you can give them the power they need to be ready when you are. The Therm-IC S-Pack 700 Battery Pack for Therm-IC Powersocks is a pair of slim and compact batteries for use with the new Therm-IC Powersock (2017) range.

Who Can Make Gains with the Therm-IC S-Pack 700 Battery Pack?

The Therm-IC S-Pack 700 Battery Pack is ideal for anyone using the Therm-IC Powersocks who need a slim and unobtrusive battery. The compact design of the S-Pack 700 makes it perfect for use during activity, no matter the sport or discipline, reducing the bulk of the socks and keeping them out of the way of your performance.

Up to Eight Hours Battery Life

Ideal for all-day use, the S-Pack 700 battery pack provides up to eight hours continual use with Therm-IC Powersocks. What's more, the pack takes between two to three hours to fully charge from flat. This is ideal for charging during the evening, getting them ready to go for the next day.

Three Heat Settings

To help you get the level of warmth your feet need, the S-Pack 700 features three heat levels – low, average and high. The battery life at each of these levels is:

  • Low: 6 - 8 hours
  • Average: 3.2 - 4.25 hours
  • High: 2 - 2.5 hours

USB Charger Included

For easy and simple recharging, the battery pack includes a USB charger. This simply plugs into a standard USB port and helps ensure you have an easily accessible way to charge your batteries. Please note that a wall mains charger is not included.

Compatibility of the Therm-IC S-Pack 700 Battery Pack for Therm-IC Powersocks

The Therm-IC S-Pack 700 Battery Pack is compatible with the following Therm-IC Powersocks:


Please note, all Therm-IC goods are supplied with a two year warranty on electronic components! This way, you can be sure of an extended, high-value period of use.

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