Thermoskin Thermal Knee Support

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  • Protection and support for weak and injured knees
  • Ideal for arthritis, RSI and sports injuries
  • Made with Trioxon material for enhanced treatment 
  • Available in a range of sizes 
This product has been discontinued. Please contact our team for details of the latest release.  

This product has been discontinued. Please contact our team for details of the latest release.

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Thermoskin Thermal Knee Support

Knee pain can affect us all, making everyday tasks more difficult to manage, let alone exercising or playing sport. That's why the Thermoskin Thermal Knee Support has been designed to provide support for weak and injured knees as well as protection against injury, so you can get back to being active in no time. 

What's Included?

  • 1 x Knee Support

Who Can Make Gains with the Thermal Knee Support?

Specially designed to help protect weak and injured knees from damage, this support uses a three-layer lining to combat injury-related symptoms like pain and swelling to give you relief while you recover. Providing you with light compression and warmth to weakened muscle and joints, this knee brace helps protect against general wear and tear, as well as help with several conditions that can cause knee pain and instability.

Key Features and Benefits 

  • Promotes heat retention and healing
  • Firm, comfortable fit
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric allows free ventilation
  • Anatomically shaped for improved fitting
  • Washable for good hygiene

What Conditions Will This Support Help With?

This Knee support from Thermoskin can be used in the treatment of the following indications:

  • Jumper's Knee (patella tendon overuse injury, patella tendinosis, patella tendinopathy)
  • Medial Collateral Ligament injuries (MCL injuries)
  • Osgood Schlatter Disease
  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Arthritis
  • Runner's Knee (Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome)
  • Damage to the cartilage
  • Knee sprains and strains
  • Twisted knees

Trioxon Advantage 

Manufactured using the latest in compression hosiery technology, this knee support is made using a multipurpose fabric called Trioxon that uses heat retention to treat injury. Proven to increase skin temperature by up to two degrees Celsius, this support ensures ventilation and perspiration control, so you can use the support to treat your injury comfortably and for long periods of time.

Three-Dimensional Lining

Specially designed using innovative three-layer lining, this support has a range of features that combine to treat knee injury. Providing a mixture of compression, support and warmth, this Thermoskin brace eases tissue swelling and pain by warming the injured muscle and joints. This enhances blood flow throughout the affected area which in turn, increases your rate of recovery. With additional moisture-absorbing properties, this fabric helps to keep your skin oxygenated, so you can have comfortable treatment while you recover. 

Trioxon three-dimensional lining from Thermoskin

Which Size Is Right for Me?

Designed to provide protection and support for knee injury, this Thermoskin brace is supplied in six sizes that should fit most adults. To find out which size best fits you, simply measure around the leg at the point just below the knee cap and refer to the table below. The leg should be slightly bent (45 degrees) when taking the measurement.

Size Knee Measurement (cm)
Extra Small 28.5 - 31.5cm
Small 31.5 - 33.5cm
Medium 33.5 - 36.5cm
Large 36.5 - 39.5cm
Extra Large 39.5 - 41cm
XX-Large 41 - 43cm

How Do I Use the Support?

To correctly fit the Thermoskin Standard Knee Support, apply the brace so that the mid-section of the support is positioned directly over the patella (kneecap). 

What Is This Support Made Of?

This Thermal Knee Support from Thermoskin is comprised of the following materials: 

  • Neoprene (56.93%)
  • Nylon (9.07%)
  • Polyester (34%)

Learn More About the Support

To find out more about the support before you buy, please watch this short video below: 

Please note that this product is not intended for use up to 72 hours following acute injury. This product also contains a synthetic fibre which may cause allergic reaction. 

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