Thuasne Dynacross Lumbar-Abdominal Belt

Thuasne Dynacross Lumbar-Abdominal Belt

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  • Flexible posterior reinforcement for improved flexibility
  • Provides functional muscular simulation at the rear
  • Supports both the lumbar and abdominal region
  • Can be worn next to skin all day long
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Thuasne Dynacross Lumbar-Abdominal Belt

Some conditions require you to stabilise and support the lumbar and abdominal regions to ensure you heal properly. If this is the case, it's paramount that you follow this advice as not doing so can affect your sporting performance. The Thuasne Dynacross Lumbar-Abdominal Belt has been designed to provide you with lumbar and abdominal support. Its crossed elasticated bands functionally stimulate your muscles at the rear to help strengthen them.

Who Can Make Gains with the Dynacross Belt?

Back pain and spinal injuries are being seen more frequently in sports' clinics and these can dramatically reduce your performance in sporting activities. The Dynacross Belt covers a wide area of your back and abdomen to provide you with the support you need to reduce symptoms and improve your injury. As it can be used on a daily basis, this means you can recover quickly so as to return to the sports you enjoy.

Significant Features and Benefits

  • Lumbar-abdominal support belt
  • Flexible support as a result of its flexible posterior reinforcement
  • Supports your lumbar and abdomen while still remaining flexible
  • Functional muscular simulation at rear
  • Has crossed elasticated bands
  • Can be worn next to skin all day
  • Uses Combitex fabric for long-term use
  • Soft against your skin so you remain comfortable throughout the day
  • Covers a wide area of back and abdomen as belt has a height of 26cm
  • Can be worn under your clothes as a result of its anatomical design
  • Comes in six different sizes so you can find your fit

Ideal for Daily Use

The Dynacross Lumbar-Abdominal Belt has been created with Combitex fabric. This fabric is so soft against your skin that the support can be worn all day long, providing you with the compression you need to relieve pain in the lumbar and abdominal region. As the belt has been designed with a flexible posterior reinforcement, the Dynacross provides you with additional support and stability while remaining flexible.

Size Guide for the Lumbar-Abdominal Belt

Thuasne's Dynacross Belt has a height of 26cm so it covers and supports a wide area of your back and abdomen. The support is also available in six different sizes. Measure your waist circumference at your navel to ascertain which size is best for you.

Size Waist Circumference (cm)
Extra Small 52 - 62cm
Small 63 - 74cm
Medium 75 - 89cm
Large 90 - 105cm
Extra Large 106 - 120cm
XX-Large 121 - 140cm

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