Thuasne LombaxDorso Posture-Correcting Corset

Thuasne LombaxDorso Posture-Correcting Corset

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  • Has sub-axillary cushioning for improved comfort
  • Back support section adapts to spinal curve
  • Effective adjustment to your morphology
  • Posture-correcting dorsal-lumbar corset
Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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Thuasne LombaxDorso Posture-Correcting Corset

Poor posture is part and parcel of modern day life, particularly if you focus your exercise regime on muscles in only one area. The Thuasne LombaxDorso Posture-Correcting Corset helps correct your posture in the dorsal and lumbar regions by immobilising and stabilising the area.

Who Can Make Gains with the LombaxDorso Corset?

If you visit the gym and focus on working out one area of your body at a time for long periods, this can cause poor posture and imbalance in your body's muscle structure. The LomaxDorso Corset effectively adjusts to your morphology to provide you with a more customised fit, which is ideal even if you've been focusing on upper body workouts and you're "top heavy."

Features and Benefits of the Corset

  • Posture-correcting dorsal-lumbar corset
  • Effective adjustment to your morphology
  • Back support section adapts to spinal curve
  • Rear section has an adjustable height
  • Easy to wear as a result of sub-axillary cushioning
  • Double strapping to ensure corset remains secure
  • High elastic compression as a result of the Lombax fabric
  • Straps designed for a "backpack" so corset is easy to put on
  • Additional straps with front-to-back movement provide adjustable tightening
  • Available in six different sizes so you can find your perfect fit

Adapts to Spinal Curve

The Posture-Correcting Corset provides effective adjustment to your morphology as a result of its back support section. This section adapts to the spinal curve and is adjustable in height to ensure you get the best fit possible. As the corset is close to the skin, it can be worn under most clothes with little discomfort.

Easy to Wear

Designed with sub-axillary cushioning, you'll remain comfortable while you use the Thuasne LombaxDorso Corset. The device provides you with the perfect balance between ease of use and effectiveness.

Size Guide for the LombaxDorso

To find out which size will fit you best, measure your waist level to your navel. Check the table below to see which size you need, then choose the size from the drop down menu at the top of the page.

Size Waist Circumference (cm)
Extra Small 52 - 62cm
Small 63 - 74cm
Medium 75 - 89cm
Large 90 - 105cm
Extra Large 106 - 120cm
XX-Large 121 - 140cm

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