Thuasne OsteoMed Akut Spine-Straightening Orthosis

Thuasne OsteoMed Akut Spine-Straightening Orthosis

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  • Osteoporosis brace relieves and correct the lumbar/thoracic spine
  • Fits your shape perfectly with its adjustable, conforming design
  • Adjustable back straightener can be adapted to your lordosis
  • Additional adjustable straps can be cut down to size
Available, dispatched in 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched in 1-2 days

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Thuasne OsteoMed Akut Spine-Straightening Orthosis

Everyone is susceptible to instability of the spine, even if you work out often. You're also more likely to suffer from the condition if you have osteoporosis, which weakens your spine to such an extent that it can't deal with normal stressors. The Thuasne OsteoMed Akut Spine-Straightening Orthosis is a device that adapts to your lordosis and helps correct your posture by straightening your spine.

Who Can Make Gains with the OsteoMed Akut?

If you suffer from curvature or instability of the spine where your spine curves inward at the lower back, this can result in pain and muscle fatigue. The OsteoMed Akut helps straighten your spine so you can stand up tall without the unwanted side effects that are part of the condition. The orthosis is also adjustable so it can be adapted to your lordosis.

Suffering from lordosis can put additional stress on your body and often makes you feel tired quickly as a result of the muscle fatigue you experience. For professional athletes in particular, this can make or break your career. It's therefore integral that you use the Thuasne Spine-Straightening Orthosis to help re-position your back.

Universal Size

The OsteoMed Akut is available in a single size to fit most individuals. As the back straightener is adjustable, the orthosis can be adapted to your lordosis. The device's additional, adjustable straps can also be cut down to size so you can get the perfect fit.

If you are cutting down the orthosis, then we'd recommend speaking to a professional before you do. However, you should be able to fit the brace by yourself.

Features and Benefits of the OsteoMed Akut

  • Spine-straightening orthotic device for osteoporosis
  • Orthosis helps stabilise vertebrae and the entire spine
  • Supports you from the upper thoracic vertebrae to area of sacrum
  • Spine actively straightened and pain is reduced
  • Movement is restricted at sagittal level
  • Adjustable back straightener can be adapted to your lordosis
  • Has an ergonomic hand loop
  • Perfectly fits your patient's shape
  • Adjustable, additional straps can be cut to size
  • Universal size to fit most users

Indications for the Spine-Straightening Orthosis

Thuasne's OsteoMed can be used for the following issues:

  • Defective or degenerative vertebrae
  • Spine instability

Stabilises Vertebrae

If you have defective or degenerative vertebrae or instability of the entire spine, this can cause curvature of the spine. The Spine-Straightening Orthosis stabilises the area from the upper thoracic vertebrae to the area of the sacrum. This helps straighten your spine while also reducing your pain.

Why Is Good Posture Important?

Having good posture is important so your body can work more efficiently without putting strain on your muscles. Poor posture tends to only worsen over time unless you do something about it, so it's important to correct the issue as soon as possible to prevent long-lasting effects.

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