Thuasne Post-Op Knee Brace

Thuasne Post-Op Knee Brace

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  • Single size to fit most post-operative conditions
  • Adjustable height allows correct support
  • Available in an open or closed design
  • Flexion and extension are adjustable
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Thuasne Post-Op Knee Brace

When you're recovering from an operation on your knee, waiting for it to heal before you can begin to train again usually feels like torture. The Thuasne Post-Op Knee Brace helps immobilise your knee to speed up the healing process. Its open or closed design allows you to choose which version you prefer according to your condition.

Who Can Make Gains with the Post-Op Knee Support?

As injuries to the knee are so common for athletes (particularly total knee replacements), having a Post-Operative Brace you can wear following surgery can be extremely beneficial. Levels of fitness can deteriorate following a break from training, but wearing the support allows you to recover faster so you can get back into action as soon as possible.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Immobilises knee with its two adjustable lateral reinforcements
  • Adjustable height for correct support
  • Flexion adjustable from 0° to 120°
  • Extension adjustable from 0° to 75°
  • Adjustable design allows your knee to be positioned according to needs
  • Available in an open or closed design
  • Single size to fit most users

Indications for the Thuasne Knee Brace

The Post-Op Knee Brace can be used for the following conditions:

  • Post-operative conditions
  • Post-operative repair

Why Is It Important to Immobilise Your Knee After Surgery?

If you've undergone surgery on your knee as a result of a condition or injury, it's paramount that you immobilise the area if your doctor tells you to. This is because not doing so can cause stitches to become undone or the knee to return to its previous state.

Sizing of the Post-Op Knee Support

The Thuasne Post-Op Support is available in a single size to fit most users. You can choose from either the open or closed design depending on which you would prefer. The open version helps ensure the brace is breathable and lightweight, while the closed model provides more stable immobilisation.

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