Thuasne TD Rom Walker Boot

Thuasne TD Rom Walker Boot

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  • Range of motion is adjustable so you can remain on the go
  • Firm support with its anatomically shaped reinforcements
  • Ultra-light product ensures you remain comfortable
  • Boot is available in either a long or a short version
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Thuasne TD Rom Walker Boot

Your foot and ankle are extremely prone to injuries, particularly if you run or play contact or ball sports. When you've had surgery in the area as a result, it's important that you stabilise and support the foot so it heals correctly. The Thuasne TD Rom Walker Boot keeps your foot in a stable position, ensuring you can get back to your training sessions as quickly as possible.

Who Can Make Gains with the TD Rom?

The TD Rom Walker is ideal for getting back on your feet following a surgical procedure. Although you likely won't be ready to dive back into any sporting activities, it can help ensure your foot and ankle heal properly so you don't suffer from another injury that could cause you to take more time off from your exercise regime.

Features and Benefits of the Walker Boot

  • Range of motion can be adjusted
  • Firm foot and ankle support
  • Has anatomically shaped metal lateral reinforcements
  • Ultra-light for a high level of day-to-day wearer comfort
  • Available in either a long or a short version
  • Available in five different sizes so you can find your fit

Indications for the TD Rom Walker

The Thuasne TD Rom Boot can be used for the following conditions:

  • Post-surgical conditions
  • Post-surgical repair

How Can a Walker Boot Help You?

Walker boots have been designed to immobilise the affected leg so it can heal. This helps prevent further damage or injury in the area, which can safeguard against more pain. The boot can be used to help you avoid surgery while allowing you to move around without causing further pain in the area.

Anatomically Shaped Reinforcements

The Thuasne TD Rom provides you with firm support as a result of its anatomically shaped metal lateral reinforcements. These reinforcements help ensure your foot is kept as still as possible in a position that speeds up the healing process. The boot also has an adjustable range of motion from 45° plantar flexion to 30° dorsal flexion in 7.5° stages, which allows you to remain on the move.

Size Guide

To find out which size will fit you best, use your UK shoe size and check the table below. The Walker Boot is also available in either a long or a short version depending on how much support you need.

Size UK Shoe Size
Extra Small Up to Size 3
Small Size 3 - 5
Medium Size 5.5 - 9
Large Size 9.5 - 12
Extra Large Over Size 12

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