Tiger Tail The Roadster Foam Roller

Tiger Tail The Roadster Foam Roller

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  • Ultra compact and travel-friendly 12" foam roller
  • Perfect for use as a foot massager
  • Works on all major muscle groups
  • Roll anywhere, without having to get on the floor
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In stock now

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The Tiger Tail The Roadster Foam Roller is Tiger Tail's most travel-friendly foam roller, and a great choice for massaging on the go. Living an active lifestyle brings with it obvious benefits, but it can come with unfortunate side-effects in the form of stiff and aching muscles. Tiger Tail Foam Rollers provide a convenient and effective solution to these issues, in a convenient and compact package.

What Does Foam Rolling Do?

Foam rolling, or 'self-myofascial release', refers to massage that can be used to release muscle tightness, allowing you to get rid of troublesome knots in your muscles and improve circulation for less soreness and swelling after activity. 

Tiger Tail have made this process even easier with their range of rollers that can be used standing up, on all major muscle groups. By applying pressure to the muscles, the Tiger Tail foam rollers allow you to get back to normal function quickly and conveniently.

Who Can Make Gains with the Roadster Foam Roller?

The Roadster Foam Roller measures just 12 inches, for a convenient product that can be easily thrown in a bag or car, or put in an office drawer. Perfect for personal use, it works equally well for both upper and lower body work, helping to relieve knots, aches, cramps, spasms and stiffness. It's particularly effective when used as a foot massager!

The clever design ensures that rolling your muscles couldn't be easier or more convenient - you can carry out a massage whenever and wherever you like without having to get down on the ground. 

Features and Benefits of the Tiger Tail Roadster

  • Effective foam roller in an ultra-portable 12" size
  • Non-slip grip allows you to massage your muscles effectively
  • Firm design - no bending or breaking during use
  • Great shape and size for massaging the feet
  • Can go anywhere - sports bag, car or office drawer
  • Allows you to quickly massage any part of the body without getting down on the ground
  • No pinched skin, pulled out hair or snagged clothing for a hassle-free product
  • Works on all muscle groups including neck, shoulders, arms, back, hamstrings, glutes, quads 
  • Easy to clean for excellent hygiene

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