Trion:Z ULTRA LOOP Magnetic Bracelet

Trion:Z ULTRA LOOP Magnetic Bracelet

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  • The most powerful product in the range
  • Suitable for water, snow and sun, with a flexible and waterproof silicone band
  • The choice of the professionals including England cricketer James Anderson
  • Pod produces over 2000 negative ions per second with 4 x 1000 Gauss magnets
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The Trion:Z ULTRA-LOOP Magnetic Bracelet is the most powerful Trion:Z bracelet ever! It's perfect for those wanting a clean, comfortable and stylish magnetic bracelet that's ideal for an active lifestyle. The waterproof silicone band ensures that the ULTRA-LOOP is suitable for water, snow and sun. The bracelet contains powerful, negative ion-producing materials in the pod and patented ANSPO magnetic technology working together to produce the most powerful product of its type on the market today.

In today's society we absorb a lot of positive ions from modern technology such as computer screens, but we need more negative ions, found in nature, to counterbalance this. More and more clinical evidence, as well as a host of personal experience success stories, is starting to substantiate the benefits of magnetic therapy. If you want pain relief, stress relief and a feeling of well-being then this product is ideal for you. Worn and loved by thousands of athletes worldwide, this is the number one health bracelet on the market.

Who Can Make Gains with the ULTRA-LOOP Magnetic Bracelet

The ULTRA-LOOP bracelet is a great choice for anyone who wants to experience pain relief, improved mobility, improved sleep and more, besides it looking sleek and stylish on the wrist. The Trion:Z range utilises the power of negative ions, with the ULTRA-LOOP producing over 2000 negative ions per second. Negative ions are thought to have a positive effect on our psyche, our sense of well-being and perhaps even our sense of happiness. It is thought that negative ions counteract and balance the effects of positive ions.

Unlike other unsubstantiated products on the market, several clinical trials have been conducted on the Trion:Z bracelets, and testimony from professional athletes such as England cricketer James Anderson suggests the benefits are certainly felt by people who try it out!

Features and Benefits of the Trion:Z ULTRA-LOOP

  • The most powerful product of its type on the market today
  • Negative ion-producing materials (2000 per second) and powerful magnets work together in harmony
  • Pod capsule contains 4 x 1000 Gauss magnets with ANSPO technology
  • Flexible, transparent and waterproof silicone band in a dual loop style, ideal for an active lifestyle
  • Suitable for water, snow and sun, so take it anywhere!
  • Negative ions lead to a sense of well-being - benefits can include pain relief, stress relief and improved sleep
  • Available in a choice of 2 stylish colours, with sizes from small to large so it's sure to suit everyone

Sizing of the ULTRA-LOOP Bracelet

Size Wrist Size 
Small 16cm (6.3")
Medium 18cm (7.1")
Large 20cm (7.9")

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