Trion:Z Zen Loop Solo Magnetic Bracelet
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Trion:Z Zen Loop Solo Magnetic Bracelet

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  • Central rubberised core infused with negative ion producing minerals
  • Sports health wristband with Japanese medical approval and a Class 1 CE mark
  • Features 2 x 1000 Gauss magnets with ANSPO technology
  • Available in four sizes and five different colours
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In stock now

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Using magnets to promote our well being is an old concept that goes all the way back to 200 BC in China and the many positive effects are the reason why magnetic bracelets are still as popular as ever. The Trion:Z Zen Loop Solo Magnetic Bracelet, with its ANSPO magnetic therapy technology, is one of the strongest and most effective magnetic bracelets on the market today.

Who Can Make Gains with the Trion:Z Zen Loop Solo Magnetic Bracelet?

Trion:Z bracelets are great for anyone who wants to experience their numerous benefits, including improved circulation, reduced inflammation, pain relief and even improved sleep patterns.

ANSPO Magnetic Technology and Ion Core

The negative ion infused braided cord was inspired by premium climbing rope, strength tested to 50kg, and produces over 1500 negative ions per second. The brushed stainless steel power POD features 2 x 1000 Gauss magnets that work together to produce one of the most powerful magnetic bracelets in the world.

What Makes Trion:Z Bracelets Special?

Trion:Z bracelets use patented ANSPO magnetic therapy technology and are the only sports health wristbands on the market to have a Japanese medical approval and a Class 1 CE mark. They deliver up to 100 times higher levels of negative ions than similar bracelets on the market and are used by thousands of professional athletes and celebrities all over the world.

Benefits of Magnetic Bracelets

Wearing magnetic bracelets can have numerous positive effects on your body and overall well being. They are known to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, promote relaxation and quality sleep, they relieve pain and even encourage positive thinking. The Trion:Z Zen Loop Also has the following benefits:

  • Pain Reduction: Bracelets that are powered by Colantotte magnets reduce pain in joints of the lower body
  • Suitable for Everybody: Trion:Z bracelets are effective for everybody regardless of age, sex or health
  • Increased Mobility: Magnetic powered bracelets increase mobility
  • Reduces Stiffness: Bracelets can reduce stiffness in joints of the lower body
  • Easier Daily Movement: Trion:Z can make daily movements easier, compared to people not using a bracelet

Finding the Right Size

How tight you wear your bracelet is based on your personal preference. Simply measure around the wrist using a piece of string and see the list below to find your match. If you prefer your bracelet to fit snugly, choose the size closest to your wrist circumference. As they are made of elastic materials, you can easily stretch the bracelet over your hand.

  • Small: 16cm
  • Medium: 18cm
  • Large: 20cm
  • Extra Large: 22cm

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